Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wash Wednesday: Last Installment!

The colour of July is upon us. I love how my clothesline frames and reflects the rainbow of my perennial garden! After the monochromatic grey-and-whites of winter, these hues are balm for my eyes!

In her wonderful poster, "How to Really Love a Child", Sark states, "If they're crabby, put them in water". Our kids have cool baths, sink baths, wading pool splashes, and even sit in buckets to while away those long, sweaty summer afternoons.

Recently, Jude and Violet were wondering aloud about what a washboard was for. Out came the bowl of water and a bar of handmade soap, and they learned how to scrub their clothes "like the pioneers". In this heat, I wouldn't want to to be standing over a steaming washtub; however, I wonder if my personal "Mount Washmore" might be lessened if we didn't have a machine to do the work for us?

Have a wonderful wash Wednesday!


  1. Your whole setting is a "balm for my eyes". You have a beautiful space there.
    I have thought about washers and how they seem to create more laundry than necessary. When ours was broken down last week I found myself checking things over more carefully and a whole lot of it really didn't need washing afterall. I love "Mount Washmore"! I am going to put that into my vocabulary.

  2. I have to say that I absolutly LOVE your blog - the vibrancy of your pictures and the wording seem to make each memory jump off the page! I find it such an impiration and a delight each time I visit it. Keep up the fabulous work; I appreciate the beautiful simplicity of you photos and stories, and look forward to the next time you update!

  3. So lovely, this made me smile today : )
    I would love to share the first photo in the Wash Wednesday book, it is so cheery and colorful!

  4. Such beautiful vibrant wash photos. They're infused with the magic of your home and family.

  5. so gorgeous, loving your blog x


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