Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuck Me In

I fantasize daily about someone telling me, "It's time for your nap". This caring person makes sure I'm fed, and that my hands and face are clean. They entice me into a comfortable, safe place, and admonish anyone who makes a noise loud enough to disturb me. Why is it, then, that I so often have to convince my girls that a nap would be soooo nice?

Violet is 3+ and naps most days, after a small battle. I make her a nest in our bed, place pillows around her, cover the windows and turn on the fan, and cuddle with her till those stubborn eyelids start to blink more and more slowly...finally, the shutters close, and those protest-tear-damp lashes are at rest on her cheeks.

She sucks her thumb sporadically; when her hand falls from her mouth, I know it's safe to creep away, leaving her in this blissful state of safety, comfort, and blessed rest.

If you could nap an afternoon away, where would you do it?


  1. I do like to think that I would nap if given the option, but I know me well enough to confidently say I wouldn't. Although I do believe heartily in a period of quiet and rest. And kids definately sleep.
    And in this heat all bets are off and sleep whenever you are able.

  2. I like to nap on top of my bed, with a throw blanket over me, but at this time of year...making a comfy nest on a quilt,in the sand, under the pines at Foy Beach would be the number one choice.

  3. I would go for a hammock on a deserted beach at the shore with the deafening sound of waves lulling me into a deep slumber.

  4. I actually went to the green room faced the warm breeze,fan on ,and slept for one hour.Can't remember when I've done that,seeing Violet's face maybe? nice to see all of you today.Beginning of lots of lazy days but not quite so hot.

  5. Just a heads up...I think you're also experiencing "comment" issues, as in, you may not be getting all of them. I just left one a little while ago and it didn't show up here. Interesting to see what happens with this one. Sigh. The e-gremlins are keeping busy.

  6. I am having comment posting issues on my blog as well as several said they attempted to post but were unable to.
    Nap???? Anywhere where there is ac and a comforter to keep the chill off my naked body.
    Nice post....sleeping children. The best.

  7. I've gotten into the habit of napping with my daughter in the afternoon (I don't have other little ones!) It's a very civilized thing to do, I think, I admire cultures that have afternoon breaks built into their day. I have begun to panic about going back to work & missing this hour or so of blissful sleep with her. She sleeps longer and seems to wake happier after a snuggle together.


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