Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My First Blog Award!

I was blown away to see that I'd won an award for my blog, presented by Cat at Amlo Farms! I'm honoured and flattered and totally humbled to be acknowledged for something that has brought me so much creative pleasure. Do check out her blog, and her favourite blogs...it's a spirally rabbit-hole, the blogosphere...entire afternoons can be lost perusing the worlds of other people. But what a Wonderland it is! And I don't want to wake up!

The Rules for Acceptance of this Award are fairly simple:

.:thank the blogger who bestowed the Award on you.
.:sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in five (5) words.
.:pass the Award on to 10 deserving bloggers.

The five words that most capture the essence of my blog are:


Just kidding...hmmm...5 words:


I could add 10 more tomorrow...my motivation is ever-evolving...

And now the hardest part...the 10 chosen ones. As I spend more time blogging, my list grows and grows. There are so many women out there who have become my inspiration, and feel like friends. I love them all for different reasons...and appreciate the support and encouragement I've received from them all! Do take a moment to add yourself as a "Follower" (and if 'following' is not your style because you pride yourself on being a non-conformist, add yourself anyway and think of it as being a sistah! or a fan, or a valued member of the cheering section!) I know other bloggers put as much thought, heart, and substance into their blogs as I do, and if their reflections resonate with YOU, dear reader, let them (me!) know by clicking "Follow" or leaving a comment, please!

Here they are, in no particular order (drumroll, please!):


Childhood Magic

The Chickadee Tweet



Green's Going Green...and Everything in Between

Natural Suburbia

By Hand At Home


Getting There

Once you've taken a moment to check out these marvellous spaces, go down my blogroll, too; there are so many amazing sites with such talent, love and substance...you won't be disappointed.

I didn't include the blogs of my friends/family as they know I love them and I didn't want to seem biased...but while you're at it, check out this art blog, this craft blog,  this letter-writing blogthis farming blog and this gardening blog! (Yes, I know I totally cheated by adding five more to my faves! Naughty girl! I win one award and think I can get away with anything)!

Take care, and pass it on!

With gratitude,


  1. Oh, congratulations!! And I'm not in the least bit surprised about your well-deserved award...your blog is chock full of delightful knitty gritty substance! I love the humour, creativity and yeah-I'm-human elements in your wonderful blog.

    I look forward to checking out your "chosen ones" :-)

  2. Congratulations! You most certainly deserve it - your own blog has become such an inspiration to my family and I! Your images, prose, and the use of colour all create such a pleasure for the eyes AND heart; I wish you many more recognitions!

  3. Congratulations on your award! You have a wonderful blog and I really enjoy my visits here. Thank you so much for passing the award on to me, I feel very honoured:) What an amazing list of blogs you have listed, I enjoy them all:) Thanks Sistah!
    Take care

  4. Congratulations on your award, Stephanie. You deserve it. :)

    I find that being a part of the blogging world has been more of a blessing than I expected. There are so many wonderful blogs my other mamas trying to live a simple life out there, I do wish I had time to read them all. Literally every day I find a new blog I want to follow. Thank goodness for Google reader. :)

  5. Yaay! Your blog is one I check out at least 4 times a week. Now you have an award-winning blog. :>) Some of the blogs you recommended are also favorites of mine ~ others are awaiting a few spare hours for me to skip over to check out.

    Congratulations again! Three cheers ~

  6. Well done, Stephanie! That's wonderful and I think very deserved. I also think it's great that the criteria has you recommending other blogs and awarding them! Pay it forward...
    Keep up the great work.

  7. Congrats! Just found you through Soulemama. Thought I would stop by and say hello!

  8. I knew I wasn't the only one who likes to start there day with your blog and is truly disappointed when I make it to the computer before you.... and if I only I could find my camera cord to download photos I could do a new blog posting of my own!!

  9. Thanks so much for this Stephanie. It means a whole lot coming from you - I love your blog....everything about it really. Your words are so heartfelt.

  10. I'm just catching up on your posts now, and I'm very touched that you put me in your top 10. I wouldn't have 10 yet to list, as I'm so new to the blogosphere, but you'd be in there for sure :o)


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