Friday, November 1, 2013

surfacing, for a moment

Our lives have settled into new rhythms these days. 

Night nursing a baby with a cold. Snotty streaks on my yoga pants. The daily crap shoot of choosing coats and footwear for my children in Canadian Fall (and invariably getting it wrong), and trying to keep said coats and footwear from overtaking the house. Preparing for a return to work (in two weeks). Letting the horses out and in each day, along with grooming, hoof-picking, poop-shoveling, and general petting and crooning that they inspire. Trying to stretch our funds through the last few weeks of my maternity leave, and anticipating my first pay cheque in a year! Thinking ahead to Norah's first birthday, snowboarding lessons, and Christmas.

There have been moments where my kitchen floor is tidy (see first photo), small bits of spinning and knitting, and unexpected gifts of wildlife sightings right outside my kitchen window. This doe was an apparition, come to snack on crab apples, then disappearing into the woods as softly as she'd come. There have been moments of sewing, the big (Margot' Dorothy costume for Halloween), the medium (flannel pajamas for Margot's doll), and the tiny (in preparation for Advent).

We've let our home internet go for the time being, and I've found the extra time I have to be a joy (although the inconvenience of hauling the laptop to the local library and navigating the dodgy WiFi connection is not such a joy).

Thank you for stopping by. Bear with me. We're busy and living the real life, the good life, the sleepless but full and beautiful life here at the Knitty Gritty Homestead.


  1. The photos are beautiful. The mouth on that high-chair dweller begs to be smooched by her lonesome aunt! Although I miss you on FB and your blog, I am so pleased to know that you have more time to yourself and with your family as your maternity leave draws to a close. Hang in there! before you know it, it will be Christmas Break!

  2. I'll bear with you if you bear with me! feeling those crazy days today too. glad to know you are out there.

  3. thank you for dragging the laptop to the library to share those good-life moments with us (as well as the darker side of things on occasion)!
    I am a faithful reader of your blog and enjoy your posts so much.

  4. Indeed, thank you for making the extra effort to share with us these moments of your life which is changing momentarily it feels like. The picture of the pony looking into the barn drew nostalgia into the room with me for a spell. Thanks.

  5. Such a great post! Glad you surfaced for just a moment to say hello! Have a great rest of 2013!

  6. Hehehe, I hear ya on the crap shoot. It's impossible. Cold? Warm? Cold but warming? Warm but cooling? There's no getting it right. I appreciate what you're saying about the moments of tidy (emphasis on the 'moments'); it seems to me that those moments here have become increasingly rare. And I don't have a baby! That last photo is FULL of quietly powerful magic. Stunning.


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