Wednesday, November 27, 2013

snow and tears

Norah enjoyed her first time being outside in the snow. 
Then she didn't.

I officially returned to work last week and have been running a marathon ever since. I don't know when it starts or ends, I just know that from the moment I wake up, I'm on the go until I fall asleep (only to be awakened numerous times through the night). And repeat.

Still, all is well. I have a very busy class full of healthy, noisy, curious children. The snow has finally covered the depressing drab we call November, and there is a whole new pile of stuff (mittens, hats, boots, neckwarmers) to manage and search for every morning before school, and to hang to dry in the evening. Our house is toasty warm but we still have to get our winter's wood in (when I finally get paid in December). We're deep into the stews, soups, and shepherd's pie that everyone so loves during the darker months.

The best moment of the day is when I walk through the door in the early evening darkness, to see Norah walking (already??) towards me with excited giggles, for the cuddles and nursing she's awaited all day. She sprouted two teeth just in time for her first birthday (in a few weeks) and is safe in the arms of her Nanny (my beloved mom) every day until January, when her daddy will take over as stay-at-home-parent. For all the dread I felt about leaving her, the transition has been quite smooth. 

The Christmas lists have started appearing. For Jude, all things vikings, Star Wars, and pirates are in. Violet's requests are a bit more challenging (one of Santa's real elves, and a Shrink Ray). I may have to whip one of these up in those rare and serendipitous moments when a) the kids are all asleep and b)I manage to stay awake. Margot has been quiet about her dreams for Christmas morning, but I'm guessing that the gorgeous wooden doll house scored (by my brother at a Toronto yard sale) will be a hit. And Norah? 

I'm busily finishing the last stitches on my offerings for our annual Advent exchange (with my friends at Wabi Sabi Wanderings, Twig and Toadstool, and Embracing the Now...really, we were all friends before we started blogging!) It's gotten a bit ridiculous, really, because although we say we do this for our children, we (all five of us) know that we're crafting out of love for one another. 

I love creating special items to share with these women because I know they will enjoy every single stitch, will appreciate the time and energy it took to find the time to create them, and will joyfully hang them on their evergreen trees every year.

And that is my update for now.


  1. So glad you were able to make a smooth transition back to work. Those first toothy smiles are just the sweetest aren't they?

  2. Glad to read a post from you again. I return to teaching on Monday after a year at home with Edison. While I have half as many little ones as you, I am anxious about balance and energy levels and trying not to let the days fly by me in a hectic haze. Was reassuring to read the words of another mama in the same boat (on the same toboggan may be more fitting). Eddie turns one Sunday and I am so thankful that we get a year to bond here in Canada. Thanks for inspiring me, as you so often do.

  3. I miss your formerly frequent posts, but appreciate your discipline in getting rid of your home Internet. I'm getting lots done on my novel but still always so susceptible to the "just checking email and Facebook" distractions...

  4. Nice to see a post and pics of the beauty.
    I am accomplishing more on my book and realize it was the Internet that was my distraction but lack of sleep that interfered with creativity. Look at you!! Sleep deprived and still creative!

  5. Norah is exquisite. Do I say that all of the time? Probably, but there it is. Ahh, the Advent exchange. I have a passel of kids who are SO stoked about getting started tomorrow! Heck, *I'm* so stoked about it ;-)


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