Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fairy Exhibitionists?

I think some fairy tailors left their work out on my rocking chair the other night. Or there might be some naked fairies around. 

Just kidding. I'm working on some clothes for some Wee Folk to contribute to my annual Advent Offerings (I'll write more about this another day). I get a little carried away with the details. Have I ever mentioned that my dream job, if I lived in Hollywood, would be to work on hand work for period costumes? Think Willow. Think The Lord of the Rings. Rustic colours, natural fibres, tiny stitching. Bless my soul.

These dresses and undershirts are itty bitty, teeny weeny, and so sweet. Wait till they have tiny doll bodies filling them out! 


  1. They are just precious! like you, working on costumes for period movies will be truly ideal. Looking forward to seeing the Wee Folk all dressed in their new attire :-)

  2. Good lord girl! That hurts my eyes! Such little details. Good on ya. I used to enjoy such, but the ahem, over 40 thing is getting the better of me. I'm awaiting new prescriptions so I can get back at it.

  3. They are just darling! You have crazy talent, my friend! Can't wait to see what else you're creating for Advent!

  4. These are unbelievable. I am going to google Hollywood costume designers NOW on your behalf. Surely you could do that from home and just ship the finished products??

  5. Your magical homestead is the perfect home for your magical hands/heart/being to live. Your handwork is incredible! I can't wait to see these wee folk emerge.

  6. Oh so beautiful. Just what I needed to see right now. They are darling! I laughed when I read, "naked fairies..." I'm motivated now, hoorah!. Thanks kindly. Katie


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