Monday, November 4, 2013

My Little Purple Knitted Pony

 Oliver's curiosity couldn't be contained when I posed this purple pony on the gate, and he had to come over for a closer look. I made this little equine from some bits and bobs of my hand spun wool (leftovers from Violet's Spruce Tree Mittens) in celebration of a friend's fifth birthday.
This little gal is pretty special, so just a horse wouldn't do...she needed a tiny personalized saddle to dress her pony up. Hearts, stars, flowers, purples and pinks...oh my! How could I go wrong when creating something so unique and sweet for a five year old?
Alas, Oliver had to say good bye to his newest herd-mate too soon. My girls got into the hand-making spirit and asked to sew some little tags as gift embellishments.
Somehow I get the feeling that I'm going to be asked for hand-stitched, wool felt saddles for all of Margot's knitted horses. I'll have to draw the line at making one for Oliver. Although...wouldn't that be beautiful?? Oh, just watch me now.
Horse pattern available at Natural Suburbia.


  1. Squeal! This pony is full of magic. I LOVE the saddle detail, and I uber-love that it's your own handspun yarn! The tags are darling too - that cupcake!

  2. What a lucky gal to receive this treasure. Gorgeous!


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