Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Will Run And Scream

We will run and scream,
You will dance with me,
We'll fulfill our dreams, and we'll be free.

We will be who we are,
And we'll heal our scars,
Sadness will be far away.

When I tell them we're heading to town for haircuts and a visit to the library, they dress with so much care. Beautiful cotton dresses sewn by my mom, little sweaters, leggings, their favourite socks, sparkly shoes. They traipse about town and charm the grocery store cashier with their beauty and light, their freckles, new haircuts, and high-pitched voices.

But when we get home, they ask, "Can we take off our shoes?" "Can we take off our dresses?" "Can we step in the puddles?" "Can we rub mud all over our bodies?"

I say yes to all of the above, and they holler like wild things, revel in the squish between their toes, marvel at the texture of mud on their skin, and cannonball into water that is six inches deep. Never mind the dead frog that floats nearby; they don't care. 

Afterwards, they stampeded up the stairs into the warm bath I'd run for them, dirtying the water beyond belief, splashing and giggling and getting along to my astonishment. They picked out new dresses and came down the stairs, civilized once more.

But I know them for who they truly are: warrior women in training. 


  1. fabulous photos, b/w.I can remember doing that a long time ago,it's something one never forgets and no snowbanks in site

  2. I just let my girls do that the other day at the park. They were upset at first that the mud was wet and cold but then I said it's cool go for it!

  3. now THAT is a childhhood!( that too few children get to have anymore) Long live the magnetic pull of puddles and mud.

  4. SCRAAAAWWWWW!! Warrior women indeed!

  5. Congratulations on finally getting weather warm enough to jump in ponds! :) Looks like they had a great time!

  6. I LOVE IT!! I love the effect of the B & W pics!!

  7. Love these photos....and the fact that you thought to do Black and white makes the post really pop! I have two favorites...the second one with your daughter jumping high into the air and the fourth one with her covered in mud. Such fun! Looks like Spring has arrived! I always feel bad for you during the really cold part of winter as I can't deal with weather that is below thirty degrees! I am just getting back to blogging after being absent for a time so am off to catch up on your posts!

  8. Each photo captures their day you might need to pull these out to remind them of their wildness.

  9. My girly played in the mud today too :) Nothing like a nice warm bath after getting completely dirty!

  10. what fantastic photo's! looks like such fun!

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  12. Adore this! What stunning photos.


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