Thursday, May 16, 2013

the tomten's little sister

At first I thought she was an apple blossom fairy. Then when I got the whole picture: the barns, the boots, the cat...I realised she is more Tomten than fairy. She is the Tomten that visits in Spring, and whispers to all living things that winter is really and truly over.

She twirls and giggles and poses, and wrestles with the cat. She wields an apple branch like a wand, and wonders about her shadow. She climbs fences and perches on steps.

Delightful girl!


  1. I LOVE her. What great photos. She has such a timeless face. I love her curls, her strong arms and those pudgy hands. and the boots, of course. Thank goodness she is in charge of bringing Spring!!


  2. Oh my God!Next time I visit we must go for a walk like we used to.
    beautiful photography esp. when you have a subject such as this
    Love the laughing one

  3. Love it :) What a perfect way to spend a spring day!


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