Tuesday, May 14, 2013

for the young field naturalist

This beautiful linen was begging to be made into something lovely. So, I created three field naturalist bags, lined with lovely green-and-white-striped cotton, complete with a notebook, pen, field guide, and themed patch! Perfect gifts for the three birthday girls who invited Violet and Margot to their parties this past weekend.

In case you're thinking, "How does she find the time?", let me say that there is much hair pulling and teeth-gnashing in this house as I stubbornly insist on handmade gifts. I stay up too late, I curse the sewing machine, I call my mother for advice, and I book time for my husband to take over with the kids so I can create. And my kids arrive late to every party because I sewed up to the very last second.

That is how I do it.

I thought that maybe having a fourth child would cure me of my insistence that handmade is nicer, but somehow it hasn't. When I picked Violet up from the second party, the birthday girl was running outside in a herd of kids, with her bag slung over her shoulder. She proclaimed that she would find every single bug in her field guide by the end of the summer!

And that is why I do it.


  1. Such an awesome idea to hang on to - the making of handmades.
    And those bags are so great. There is a little someone in my house who would love them...did you use a pattern or just wing it? (No pun intended).

  2. Such lovely gifts. I like to give handmade too :)

  3. You make the best gifts. These bags are gorgeous and make *me* want to be a field naturalist. The bags alone are great (LOVE that pink floral fabric!), but then you make them absolutely exquisite with the embroidered details. Just incredible!


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