Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You know what's fun?

(Besides wearing tutus all day, with optional snow boots, of course)...

A plateful of shaving cream, that's what.

Silence the voice in your head that is whispering "But the mess!!" It's really easy to clean up; it just wipes off with a wet cloth! It's worth the entertainment value...I got two hours, easy, of no-fighting, lots-of-giggling play time out of these two little women. 

Shaving cream mustaches and beards. Shaving cream polka-dots on arms and legs. Scoop it into smaller containers, then add water and stir till it looks like whipped cream. Spread it back on the plate and put it in the wood stove oven like a pie. It's so delightfully squishy.

If you have a little one who is learning letters and numbers, you could even spread it on a baking sheet and have them write in it. So. Much. FUN!

And the post-shaving-cream-play bath was fun, too.


  1. Remember Dad putting some on our faces when we were little? It always felt so cool- fluffy and tingly and CLEAN. Two hours? That's a good trick, Momma.

  2. I could never stand the smell of shaving cream so my kids loved it at the parenting group. I was okay with goop.... coloured water and corn starch. Give them spoons with holes, sieves, little things to cover in a bowl. We did this on a tray to help my sanity. I really didn't like mess, but this one was easy to clean up.

  3. Looks like an awful lot of fun was had :) I used to LOVE when my dad would let me put shaving cream on his cheeks when I was little - it was hilarious. My dad's always had a full beard. He only kept the cream around to shave his neck.

  4. Wonderful fun. I remember in grade school we would get to rub shaving cream all over our desks and then practice our letters by drawing with our finger, it was the best. Thank you for reminding me. :)

  5. Fantastic fun idea, am going to try this as school holidays here and can be cold and grey outside at this time of yr in NZ.

  6. Oh wow, this just reminded me of how I used to do this with my eldest (who is now as a baby. I must try it with my small ones. Looks like your girls were enjoying it :)


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