Tuesday, April 2, 2013

stitched owls

Margot picked up on my love of owls recently, and this past weekend she drew a family of four. I couldn't help but relate each quirky owl to my children, and concluded that I had to commit her artwork to fabric and thread.
This is a sampler of sorts, as my childhood love of embroidery is re-awakened, Spring-like!  I'm dreaming up a stitched rendition of the elephant Violet drew a few weeks ago. And of course I'm wondering...perhaps a table at our local Farmers' Market might be fun. Or an Etsy shop? Infinite inspiration plus hare-brained scheming equals endless possibilities!


  1. I vote for ETSY. Purely selfish, as it will be easier for me ;) I've had my shop for just one year now and love it. No pressure and a great way to experiment with new works without a huge inventory commitment. It's a learning curve but a fun and creative one! mine is in a constant state of evolution and about to take yet another turn :o (www.weewhimsicals.etsy.com)

    Love the embroidery ~ just started playing with this again myself this winter after a forever hiatus! Great colors!

    Have a great day ~ paula

  2. What a sweet idea - I should do this with some of my kids' work, too.

  3. Very smart way to immortalize their wonderful drawings.

    @Paula-love your Etsy shop. Very cute ideas brought to fruition in adorable fabrics.

  4. I LOVE these!!!!!! They're fantastic and yes an Etsy shop for sure :-)

  5. Gasp! This is INCREDIBLE!!! Both her artwork and your embroidery of it. I love owls, and I've gotta say that this is one of my favourite owl renditions ever.

  6. Awwwww! That is precious! I use to do this (well I had a month long spurt of doing this) but have not in a very long while. Thanks for the inspiration (pinning it :)

  7. What a wonderfully original way of keeping a drawing!
    My son is constantly drawing pictures of our family and I would love to do this with them. Unfortunately I haven't the faintest idea how to embroider. Do you think this would be too ambitious a project for a beginner? You have certainly inspired me to 'try' and learn. Thanks.


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