Monday, April 1, 2013

latest peg doll creations

This little Russian style dolly was a dream to paint, with a fine brush and a permanent marker to add detail to her belly flowers. Unfortunately, those pretty details were smudged when I added varnish. Lesson learned.
Tiny details like white dots to add shine to her eyes and lips, and a saucy arch to her eyebrows brought her to life.

This little trio was painted with watercolour, which creates a different effect. I love how their eyes turned out so differently, giving them an air of gossiping socialites at the garden ball. Perhaps they're discussing the flower hats I hope to make for them this week. Or maybe they're discussing the latest book they read. Anything goes in the world of peg dolls!


  1. LOVE THEM! So Sweet! Love their big eyes. I finished my "Wizard of Oz" and Princess Pack for Easter. Moving on to Star Wars( for a birthday gift) and Safari and construction workers, and some little ladies for fun too!

  2. They are beautiful! Great job! I can't draw/paint to save my life, but I'd love some of these! Do you sell them?

  3. these are such fun! I can think of endless themes- policemen/fireman, medical people, etc..
    what a great gift idea as well.

  4. boo on the varnish thing. I will say, the watercolour will smear if you varnish it. Ask me how I know. Boo to that too. Love the eyes. Now, to just find the right combination to use marker and sealer. hmmm.
    great job.

    1. Yes,'d think that permanent means...well, permanent. Sigh.

  5. Loving all these peg dolls! Those gals are gorgeous!

  6. I was wondering the same, Lydia. So cute. I wonder why the varnish smudged? No mind, though...she is beautiful all the same! I just love these. ~ Paula

  7. These are just stunning! Absolutely stunning.

  8. These gals are pure charm. I envy your painting/drawing abilities. I have zero talent in that department. And about that smudging - you need a wood burning kit! Watch for them to go on sale at Canadian Tire. Cuz you need another crafty thing to add to the supplies, right?

  9. PS: I had the same smudge issue happen when I used permanent markers with a Mod Podge finish. Phooey.


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