Monday, April 15, 2013

Shifting Focus

I was going to write a post about how insane our weekend was. A playful wrestle that ended with Margot mashing her face into the floor (and a fat lip, squashed, swollen nose, and scraped forehead). 5:30 am wakeups. A baby that will only nap while being carried in a sling. My much-anticipated,carefully orchestrated (nurse the baby, run to town, shop, and run back, all in 2 hours) twice monthly trip into Renfrew for a "big grocery shop" that came abruptly to a halt (after driving forty minutes and promising the kids french fries when we were done) when I realised I didn't have my bank card on me. Arriving home with my head feeling like it would explode with subdued frustration, only to have my late lunch interrupted by Margot getting stung by a wasp upstairs. Then Violet getting stung moments later. A sweet kitten scratching Margot's cheek.
But I didn't take pictures of any of those moments. 
I only took pictures of our kitchen ballet class, taught by Violet in her incarnation as Miss Diamond, teaching her student, "Lily". I took pictures of the kittens napping on a discarded tutu. I also took picture of Jude after the girls coerced him into a pink tutu, but I'll respect his good-natured soul by not sharing those here.

I took pictures of their impromptu tea party, civilized and full of pleases and thank yous, complete with fake British accents.

I took a picture of my lightbulb moment, as I raced back into town for groceries later in the day, and passed the local chip stand. French fries for Sunday dinner? Pourquoi pas?

Eating French fries for Sunday dinner with a kitten in your arms (scratches, swollen nose, and fat lip notwithstanding)...even better.

And always, watching this wild world of our family swirling noisily around her, this baby clings to her parents like the tiny mammal she is, learning what it is to laugh (finally) in the face of plans that change as quickly as she does.


  1. Sending hugs. And thanks. For posting honest accounts of family life. And admiration for your ability to find the positive and appreciate it in the midst of frustration and moments of chaos. Warm greetings,

  2. I am glad to see that families are families are families.We have good and bad, frustrating and delightful. Thanks for sharing both( I also do very much LOVE photos of babies in slings! my last three LIVED in them!)

  3. You have portrayed family life beautifully here, even amidst the sometimes chaos. I had a sling-napper too. And another was sling-bouncer - oh, how he loved to use the sling as his bouncing platform.

    Your last photo and words? Beautiful.

  4. Poor Margot had as rough a weekend as Mama, didn't she! I hope this week brings a bit more calm and peace than the weekend did. And your boy in a tutu, I have a few boys that would do that too, but they also don't like the evidence laying around. ;)

  5. whoa woman! What a day. By the time the 3rd thing goes wrong, I just shrug my shoulders, laugh and anticipate what else can go wrong. Treat it as a game.. will it be better? or is there something more dire waiting in the wings..bhwahaha!
    Now you've created a desire for french fries!

  6. what a crazy weekend.Love the photo of that handsome man with that BABY

  7. This was precious - loved it!! And BOY I hear you about the crazy weekends...I seriously feel like when it rains, it pours!! I loved how you pulled it all together they way you did :) And thankfully, today is a new day...

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    I love it! That is what memories are made of and same as the above comment... there is always a new day! Take care!

  9. It is always refreshing to see that other parents have the same moments that I do, and remembering that there is more joy than frustration in the end.

  10. What a day! And I though your post about the fries was enough of a hassle. It would seem you truly handled it with grace. :) and ending it with fries always makes things better.


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