Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Tree

I was born two days before Valentine's Day. My memories of this day are entwined with the taste of cinnamon hearts on a white birthday cake, my sisters waving red and pink balloons at me as I got off the school bus, and all those construction paper heart crafts we used to make at school. I also loved those little punch-out "seals" our teachers used to stick on our papers with lace and violets and hearts. And paper doilies? Love 'em.

I love Valentine's Day. It bugs me when people rant about commercialism and consumerism because in my mind, no one is forcing anyone to go out and buy a dozen roses or a box of chocolates or Hallmark cards. In my mind, there is nothing bad about a day where we focus our hearts on love. We should and do express our love every day, but in this house, we'll take any and every excuse for a party: decorations, homemade cards, love letters, and heart-shaped cupcakes with pink icing. I say YES to all of the above.

Still, I don't have time to create heart-shaped quilted pot-holders or knit a pile of heart pillows. Holiday decor in this house must be a)quick, b)simple, and c) thrifty.

I had my kids help me generate a list of people and animals we love. It went something like this: 

Me: Margot, who is someone you love?
Margot: Nanny.
Me: Violet, who do you love? 
Violet: Sarah and Jamie.
Me: Margot, who else do you love?
Margot: Nanny.

(Margot and my mom have a real thing going's DEEP love).

After lots of prompting and thinking, we came up with this list:
I used my tag-punch, but you could just cut rectangles of paper. I used a silver pen to write every person/animal on our list on the tags. Then, I hole-punched them, threaded a ribbon through them, and let the girls hang them on a branch we found outside.
Voila! Simple, and thrifty, and so eloquent.

I hope your Love Tree is positively bedecked with tags bearing the names of loved ones!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    I was born two days *after* Valentine's Day (the same year as you, I think...)
    I share a lot of these memories too. I still try to make a heart shaped cake for myself since my mom gave me the forms when I left for college years and years ago. Hopefully soon my daughter will take over that joyful task.
    Have a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love this post and couldn't agree more. We love St. Valentines day and celebrate all month!
    Oh, and I love your tree!

  3. This is great. ( and I am so happy to be on that list :)) I think I might try this with my big girls this weekend. No wait! I have a girls' night Friday night at my place and I think this might just be a sitting-around-sipping-wine kind of thing to do!

  4. This is such a simple, sweet, authentic way to celebrate Valentine's perfect~ (and so "doable") for anyone....

  5. Sweet idea, sweet post, sweet pictures, lady!

  6. This is so awesome, love, love, love it!!! Thanks for sharing. I agree, we don't take part in the commercial side of Valentine's Day, but most definitely celebrate in our own way at home.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  7. Love that! What a great idea. :)

  8. Oh. This feels me with emotion. SO simply and stunningly beautiful. And I hear ya, soul sister, on the quick, simple and thrifty!

    Beautiful photos - full of light. And love. So much love.

  9. Beautiful idea, I am so doing this :-)


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