Saturday, February 11, 2012

Harvest Moon By Hand's Diary of 5

Just visited Harvest Moon By Hand and thought this was a nice way to begin the day.

I am seeing...a clean kitchen, winter morning sun shining through the windows, and three teenaged cats wrestling and pouncing on balloons.

I am smelling...the scent of burning wood in the kitchen woodstove.

I am hearing...the furnace fan, kitty chirps, the fire rumbling the stove.

I tasted...a strawberry cupcake with buttercream icing and Earl Grey tea.

I am feeling...slightly tired, and ready for a day of quiet knitting and playing with my children.

Your turn...what are your senses sharing with you this morning?


  1. Good Sun-shiny Morning to You, Stephanie...

    In response:

    I am seeing the strong sunlight in our home, and outside it looks cold which I can tell from the exhaust of the cars that drive by...

    I am smelling coffee and my new bamboo bath robe (an early gift of LOVE from my Mama, in honour of Valentine's Day...)

    I am hearing some beautiful beachy acoustic tunes by Mishka (check him out ;) also, my fiancé's NHL hockey x-box game...Maybe I should invest in headphones...;)

    I am tasting the first coffee of the morning, and savouring the fact that I'm in my housecoat and doing so, not rushing out the door or down the road (which I usually am, at this time Mon-Fri).

    I am feeling kind of impartial: I know there are many chores that need attention, and my list of spring things is exciting me but I know chores come first. Tonight my family and I will go out for an Italian dinner in honour of my Dad's 65th. I am completely looking forward to this time, but don't want to waste my day time away...thinking maybe a road tour for morning sunshine in the country photos is in store :)

    Thanks for this opportunity to share.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I'm glad I found you and your inspiration this morning. here's mine:

  3. "I am smelling...the scent of burning wood in the kitchen woodstove." idea of perfection. : )

  4. I am seeing...a candle flickering.

    I am smelling...the scent of vanilla form the candle, licorice root tea.

    I am hearing...the furnace ticking, my fingers tapping this keyboard and then silence..

    I tasted...a teaspoon of coconut oil and now licorice root tea with a touch of honey.

    I am feeling...haggard from a night without the night nurse as well as excited to have a day "off" to spend with my husband. Oh, I am also feeling happy that it is your birthday!!

  5. I am seeing....a big mess of craft supplies before me!

    I am smelling....the SPAlicious scent of a eucalyptus candle burning

    I am hearing....little feet, a sweet child's voice playing pretend mommy and, unfortunately, Barney :(

    I tasted...a RED smoothie (beets, strawberry, coconut water, lime juice)

    I am feeling...slightly overwhelmed thinking about the balancing act I will be juggling this week


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