Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung

When we were growing up, we each had a huge striped knitted stocking, with the letters of our names stitched down the stripes. I loved that handmade stocking (and still have it). As each child reaches the age where they "get" the whole idea of stockings, I've created a handmade for them as well.

Jude's features a quilt-striped motif, with giant buttons as the O's in "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

Violet's was made from a thrifted sweater that I washed in hot water (on purpose!). I then stitched buttons on in the shape of a V. Margot's stocking is the most recent addition; I made it this past weekend! I found the free pattern online, and it includes a boy elf! I may have to make them for all my kids; they're so cute!

 My husband's stocking features a treble clef shaped from antique shell buttons. I love the "old" feel of this one; the buttons are beautiful against the old brown velvet.
Now, to dig out my own stocking, in hopes that Santa will find me worthy of a few treats! I always loved how my parents included clementines and nuts with our stocking gifts; they remembered the joy of receiving their very own orange at Christmas time (oranges would have been exotic in the 40s and 50s, right?). I  continue that tradition with my own children, and hope they will continue it with theirs.

What special treat do you always include in your family's stockings?


  1. Of course, the clementine and nuts, and a wee box with some jewelery in the toe of the stocking. (all daughters) Just cheap sparkly things for the girls when they were younger but as they get bigger, and become more responsible, then the items will be more valuable.
    My husband always gets some allsorts as they are his favourite treat!

  2. Beautiful stockings! Especially love the red and white of Margot's stocking.

    I remember getting a Lifesavers 'book' in my stocking each Christmas, along with a clementine, and a real book. I saw the Lifesavers books at Costco this year, and had intended to pick up one for each of the boys, but time ran out on me. Next year!


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