Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Ready

I hear her little voice engaged in a play conversation.

I sneak up to see her playing with our Nativity figures.

I don't know what her game is, or what the figures are saying to one another.

 Her game has something to do with gathering around a fire, standing on trees, and waiting.
 The shepherds guard their sheep, as they should.

Suddenly, she turns to me and asks, "Baby Jesus coming soon?"
Ah. So this is more than just a random game. She's been taking in all the traditions of Christmas, from Santa to the tree to presents, to this sweetest and simplest of stories: the birth of a baby in a humble stable so long ago.

She wanted to make sure the barn was warm enough for the baby, and that the grown-ups were all ready.

Am I ready? I'm working on it.


  1. How cute! When Jaime was about 3, she loved playing with our Nativity scene too and would affectionately refer to it as "The Jesus House"...we're still calling it by that name and every year, she still loves getting it out of the box and putting all the figures around the manger. Logan has taken up to playing with it too.

  2. Crying at work again. THANKS, Stephanie.


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