Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For a Winter's Evening

I've had the good fortune of being whisked away twice a year to a cottage in the land of spruce trees and moose-crossing signs. A bag for such a journey is packed quickly: comfy, cozy clothes, a tootbrush, my knitting, a good book, and food. Oh, and beverages.

When we all finally arrive, we hang our bras on the deer antlers, and the fun begins. This year, we added a wintry beverage to the menu: hot whiskey.

Hot Whiskey can be considered a medicinal drink. When my Nanny (who would be 106 years old this year) went to work in the lumber camps as a young woman, her brother used to bring her this drink when her menstrual cramps were bad. My sister remembers Nanny doing the same for her when she was a teen with cramps.

However. You do not need to be sick to enjoy a Hot Whiskey (also called a Hot Toddy).

Here's how you can make your own:

Hot Whiskey

2 heaping tablespoons brown sugar
1 oz. Irish whiskey
2 oz. boiling water
a slice of lemon studded with cloves

Put the sugar in a glass; pour liquids over. Give the lemon a wee squeeze before dropping the lemon slice in.
Curl up by a fire and savour. Then make another.

A friend gave me the use of her fancy phone with apps to take these pictures; she took some, too! Thank you, friend! And cheers to you.


  1. That drink looks very yummy...
    My granny's solution for a fussy baby was to drip the soother in apricot brandy! or if we had a bad cold the suggested tonic was a glass of dark stout.
    For the record I never did that to my children, but I do get my hubby a Guinness when he's under the weather...not sure if it really helps ;)

  2. Nanny gave me hot whiskey before bed when I was 7 years old and spending a few days with her and missing mom.......lol

  3. I've been having a Hot Toddy for colds (minus the whiskey) since I was young. Perhaps its time to try the grown up version!

  4. I like those fancy phone w/ apps photos! And the drink in the glass cup looks just beautiful. And warm.


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