Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Ordered Home: The Beginning

Sometimes things just get kind of out of hand.

We have this shelf in our kitchen. It's so handy! All of the kids' arts/crafts materials are there on the shelves, within reach of the kitchen table. So is the computer, printer, and speakers. And the random detritus that floats around a house where children roam...socks, pieces of fabric, old artwork, toys, get the picture.
This is the cupboard. Yuck, right? But have you ever noticed how your eyes can glaze over parts of your house that are dreadful?

And then, one day, the veil lifts and you think: how did it GET like this?

It took all day. I purged. I carefully selected "special" drawings and paintings, and put the rest in a box to help with starting fires this winter. I re-organised stuff that had wandered away from its designated place. I tied up cords, discarded empty paint bottles and hardened paintbrushes, and even sorted through that...guck that collects at the bottom of a craft box (pompom fluff, glitter, googly eyes, and bits of wool and fabric).
Ah! Now doesn't that feel better? It took me HOURS to complete, but it was so worth it. See how the afternoon sun lights up that tidy corner? I started in the morning.

Organising this one corner of the house made me feel like I'd actually accomplished something in my day.

What sorting/purging/organising have you been up to in your home?


  1. What a tidy, even *attractive* little corner! I have 2 spaces like this. They're closed up... but I know they're there. One is a cupboard that houses misc crafting supplies and the other is a set of drawers with the girls' crafting supplies (obvious where our weakness lies). I open a drawer or cupboard door and... a nightmare. I keep saying; 'I've got to go through this!'. And I really, really do!

  2. It looks great!
    I have just spent a month - yes, a month - going through all our "storage" spaces in the basement getting ready for an insulating project. It feels really good to get stuff organized and out of the house.

  3. My youngest son just pointed at your photo, and said, "We should get a shelf like that. I love it. Do you love it?" "Yes. Yes, I DO love it." I love the friendly, appealing, accessible, tidiness of it. Well done!!!!

  4. What an amazing transformation you orchestrated with that space today. Congratulations on your successful day !~!

  5. I've just visited your most recent posts... tidy bedrooms... lovely! Dancing... yes! Tidy shelf... marvelous! How long would that last in our house? 2 minutes. (I hope it lasts longer in your house!)

    My latest organizing project? Moving everything off low shelves and finding other places for said things. The upper book shelves and closets are all starting to look like your "before" photo. Why would I do this? I have a tiny gremlin in my house who goes by the name of "wee Bloom." He yanks at everything in his reach and either rips it to shreds or tries to eat it!

  6. Well done mama!
    I am continuously organizing and de-cluttering our tiny space...
    Seriously, ALL the time.

  7. Just as I sat done with my coffee to read this, I thought later today I am organizing that shelf, the one in my kitchen that serves the same function as yours. I was going for presentable as the craft stuff is in drawers, and therefore hidden, but thanks to your beautiful example I am feeling like I will go through them too. Thanks!

  8. Clothes......went through the fall/winter and summer and getting rid of pieces that I NEVER wear. Washed all of my fall/winter sweaters and packed away the summery clothes. Looking forward to leggings and skirts and sweaters and boots! Great shelf....looks like a Harrowsmith magazine photo!

  9. I was almost ready to pack away the last of the summer gear, but then JJ came on with the weekend forecast. The two light cotton short sleeve blouses will stay out for a few more days.
    I am trying desperately to get a handle on my stash of yarn and fabric. Got all the fabric sorted by color, each in it's own box. The boxes got hauled to the basement. Sure hope they don't get musty. The yarn is a flippin' NIGHTMARE. Every time I "sort it all out" I go crazy looking for a certain skein of yarn and everything goes to the dogs again. I think I'm going to have a stash trade one of these days.

  10. I LOVE organizing like this! I need more baskets and a similar shelf. We have a home office that is beyond saving. But, i am off to Value Village tomorrow and I always find baskets there! Great job!

  11. So glad you are doing well! And keeping busy, of course. The shelves look wonderfully ordered. I think I sleep better on nights that I've organized ;) Also, I love the colour of your kitchen (and I just painted a table of ours that colour).

    I'm organizing my kitchen (as I mentioned), though it's still looking like quite a mess, and also this bookcase we have in the dining/living room (which is one open room), where all the craft stuff, laptop, ipod dock, and toys hang out. I just want everything to have a place, but it's not there yet. Drives me nuts some days.

  12. Just having a catch up with a few of your few recent posts. Oh I do love this little patch of blogland! Keep up the lovely posts - am hoping to do Gratituesday this week.... X


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