Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm joining Nadja over at Patch 'O' Dirt Farm with some Monday Musings. Join in, and make sure to link back to her space!

Right now...I'm gearing up for the busiest morning of my week: getting the three kids out the door (Margot to daycare, the older two to school) with lunches, weather-appropriate footwear, brushed teeth, and combed hair! Coffee is on, lunches are made, cats and chickens are fed and watered. Some people consider Wednesday "Hump Day" (an expression which always makes me giggle), but for me, it's Monday. It's all smooth sailing from here.

This weekend...Friday night, I saw a great live music show in a nearby village. Joey Wright, Jenny Whiteley, Dan Whiteley, and Luke Mercier are some of Canada's premier roots/bluegrass musicians. I love small town music shows. I volunteered to work at the door, and hugged everyone that walked through it (great minds think alike), and even received a jar of fresh honey (processed that day) from my friend Maureen when she came in. The kids danced till the last song, old fellas in cowboy boots stomped around with pretty young ladies in their arms, and a great time was had by all. Saturday was spent sorting/purging the attic, which has become a depository for crafts, knitting, and sewing supplies. I have THREE flat-bed knitting machines. I haven't used any of them. People just give me stuff because I'm crafty, and like a musician who can't say no to an instrument, no matter how damaged, I just say YES! Now I'm saying NO and sending boxes and boxes of fabric out. The toy purging continues in anticipation of our even-more-simplified-than-usual Christmas. Sunday we just kind of lazed around...recuperating from Jude's first sleepover (that ended at one in the morning, when we called his friend's dad to pick him up). My husband is enjoying reminding me that it was my idea...

Some plans for the week: more work in the attic, and preparing our bedroom to paint (FINALLY) after two years of putting it off. My mother will take the girls for a sleepover Thursday-Friday, so I can get the painting done. I can't even fathom having two days in a row ALONE in my house. Oh, the things I hope to accomplish! And of course, I work two days this week, too.

If I find some time for myself, I'd just like to see where each day takes me. I want to play with my kids, go for a walk each day, and remember to be gentle with myself.

I am grateful for our plentiful supply of dry wood, and our woodstove. The plentiful vegetables in our fridge, the bounty from our last CSA basket of the season, is also a blessing. I'm grateful for the trust my children have in me.

Some special prayer intentions for the week: I have prayers to say this week, but they're private ones I'll say in my heart.

Something that makes me smile: when the windshield wipers keep time with the music. Kittens learning to purr. My husband making my coffee JUST RIGHT and bringing it up to our room so I could lie in bed and read on Saturday morning. An old man in a western shirt with one shirttail hanging out, to match the one pantleg that's tucked into his cowboy boots.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Your Friday night makes me feel envious! Wish I could be there.

    And I love your last entry...

  2. I liked the kittens learning to purr and the private prayers........Have a great weekend and I am coming to help paint on Friday. Did you know that?

  3. I LOVE it when the wipers keep time with the music! And that fresh honey is delicious, isn't it?


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