Thursday, September 29, 2011

In His Arms

After dinner, we push the island aside, put on some music (last night, "Rubber Soul" by the Beatles), put on our dancing feet, and cut a rug.
In this strange photo, Violet's foot looks like it's put on backwards, but really, she's just mid-twirl. Her dress is PERFECT for twirling, is it not?

We dig a too-small party dress out for Margot, and she feels the thrill of being twirled, too.

When I see the girls dancing with my husband, I remember how my dad used to ask all of his daughters to dance at our small town wedding receptions. We'd jive (none of us with the grace of our mother), and waltz and two-step. We felt safe in dad's arms, and beautiful. I remember the feeling as I grew taller and fit into his arms better, and how I always hoped I'd meet a man who could dance.

I did.

Now we mostly dance in our kitchen, and the kids giggle when their dad puts his arms around me for a slow song. It occurred to me that when older people reminisce about these days we're in (seemingly suffering from amnesia because they never mention the whining, fighting, exhaustion, and mess), THIS is what they miss.

These are the moments they're remembering with such fondness.

And lest you think we're forgetting him, I've already told him that if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then the way to a woman's heart is through dance. So we teach them to keep the time, to keep their heads up but be careful not to step on each others' feet, and most of all, to keep their partner safe in their arms.

Because isn't that just one of the best feelings in the world?


  1. Those are fantastic the last one especially!

  2. I love the first shot! With threel girls I have a thing for "twirly dresses"! Thanks for reminding us to "dance"!

  3. Love how the girls are "dressed up" and the boy is bare chested with ?leg warmers?

  4. Love Jude's topless/jean ensemble with the hockey socks as leg warmers. Very nice!
    I met a man that can't dance unless he is inebriated which is not a common affair any more but he will slow dance and that is the dance I like most of all.

  5. And is that a hockey sock that J is sporting? Cuz that is just a brilliant blend of activity!!!!!

    We push our kitchen island aside for impromptu dance parties too :-)

  6. My memories of dancing with Dad are the same and I, like Julie, did not marry a man who naturally likes to dance, either. So, my girls will learn to dance in the arms of their Poppa, or their Uncle Robin or Uncle Danny, or.... ME!
    LOVE these photos and the love and happiness that is bursting from those little faces.

  7. Ack those are the best shots ever! My husband doesn't dance so it seems I have forgotten how, too.

  8. I have so many memories of dancing like that with my mum, usually to a Barbra Streisand record. Love it.

    Haven't heard from you lately--everything ok? I always look for your new posts in my reader every morning, and I haven't seen one! Granted, it's been like five days (give a mama a break, right?), but I just thought I'd check in.



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