Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm joining Nadja over at Patch 'O' Dirt Farm with some Monday Musings. Join in, and make sure to link back to her space!

Right now...I hate to say it, but it's 3:30 a.m. I can't sleep. I have a window of very light sleep between two and four in the morning, and if I'm awakened, that's it. I'm up. The house is quiet, aside from the hum of the refrigerator and the purr of the kittens as their mother climbs into their basket. I've taken some Valerian tincture and am hoping that fatigue settles in soon. Monday is a holiday, so I know that I can catch up on sleep during the day if needed.

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving. My brother, his wife, her sister, and her niece landed in from Toronto, and we all spent the weekend at my mom's house. We played music, played cards, played with the kids, did yard work to put mom's garden to bed for the winter, and managed a wee bit of knitting! We also cooked and ate. A lot. A family tradition is to go around the table, each person speaking of what they are grateful for. We are always moved and amused by these sharings, and had many toasts to the blessings in our lives.

Some plans for the week: Phew. On Tuesday, I'm singing at the local day program for adults with special needs, and taking Violet for a haircut. On Thursday, I'm taking Camino to the vet for shots, etc., then visiting with a friend. Long range plans are due at work, and I'll teach Wednesday and Friday. More de-cluttering here at home on my days off, as always!

If I find some time for myself, I'd like to sit quietly and regroup. I started a cleanse two weeks ago, and was very strict about it for a week. I felt really great: energetic, not bloated, clear-minded. With Thanksgiving, I've veered from that path, and am being hard on myself about the self-sabotage I always seem to engage in. So, I'll be pulling a U-Turn, and getting back on track, remembering to take care of myself. I also hope to finish Jude's Waterhorse Sweater!

I am grateful for: this beautiful season, the amazing weather we had over Thanksgiving weekend, the proximity of all my children's grandparents, the fact that I didn't have to host Thanksgiving dinner this year! I'm grateful for the memories I have of my grandmother last year at this time (she was admitted to hospital in early November), and for the updates we are getting from my dad, who is trekking in Nepal at the moment!

Some special prayer intentions for the week: for my sister Julie, that she gets some much-needed rest (read about her journey at ...visit the weblog page to leave a comment). For my sister Lana as she accompanies her friend on the journey through chemotherapy. For those in ill health. 

Something that makes me smile: our kittens. Really! They're hilarious and so full of character. Watching my children interact with them (wrapping them up like babies, giggling at how their tails quiver as they try to walk on the slippery floor) makes me smile.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Babies bless everyone near them with mirth, joy and visual treats beyond compare. Aren’t you lucky to be surrounded by their little selves ?~!

  2. My first comment was to see if i can blog,so here goes.Thank you for puttlng our weekend into words.The weekend was GREAT.My home is quiet once again and I recieved a call from the top of a mountain in Nepal.All is well.Happy happy thanksgiving

  3. I hope you were able to find some rest today. It seems so cruel when sleep won't come when we need it and actually have the time (i.e., at night in our bed). But I'm glad you had purring kittens to keep you company!

    Good luck with your U-turn. I'm working on some of that, too.

  4. Thank you! Lovely post especially the part about the kitten's quivering tails!

  5. Thank you, too! :) Sorry we did not get more time together this weekend...I love the Monday musings. If I had a blog, I would do this, too!


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