Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just One Room

I fantasize about creating a serene oasis of romantic potential in our bedroom. For now, unpainted walls, a ceiling patched with drywall, and mismatched curtains adorn this grand central station of laundry sorting. I use the word sorting loosely: it's more a dump-the-laundry-here-because-we-need-the-basket kind of place. We dig through the pile to find what we need, and wade through it to collapse in the bed at night.

Ironically, I HAVE created a serene oasis in my children's room, and guard it lovingly. I make the bed every morning, and tidy up the floor every night. Every day, they play rambunctiously, jumping on the bed, dumping the costume box, scattering wooden train tracks and little dolls around the floor. Still, I persist in tidying it up through the day; I think it gives me a sense of control over what sometimes feels like an avalanche of mess.

One day in July, I managed to capture it before things went downhill.
This is how I picture my whole house looking: thoughtfully-placed, well-loved objects on tidy display,
artwork properly mounted (this was one of my masterpieces from childhood),

artfully draped quilts,

and lovely objets d'arts (or crafts, or old Chinese checker boards) placed just so.

Horizontal surfaces are not dumping grounds for papers and detritus of all sorts, but important display areas.

 Books are returned to shelves after they're read, and the titles always face OUT.

Ah, an oasis. I think the other word for an oasis is a mirage. Look, quickly, for it will be gone in a blink of the eye.

A girl can dream, though, can't she?


  1. The room is so beautiful and cozy in it's soft lighting, dreamy tidiness, and rustic decor. LOVE it!

    I catch myself pining for the house to be finished inside, so that it might be decorated, which spills over into the delusion that it will then be (and stay) TIDY. You're right, a girl CAN dream!

  2. It is a beautiful room! I sometimes try to make the little ones' room nice...I have had to pretty much give up with the big kids. My oldest's room is always a mess of books and clothing, and the big boys have an almost permanent carpet of Legos on theirs!

  3. Oh, the pleasure of an ordered room. It's such a rarity in my house, no matter how I try. But I'm like you, where I try to tidy the girls' rooms every day. One of my mum's *things* that she has passed along to me is a belief that children need to go to bed at night with clean sheets, clean jammies, clean bodies, and tidy rooms in order to feel safe and get a good sleep. I think she's on to something. The tidy room doesn't always happen, but the rest is usually accomplished!

  4. It is a lovely dream. I share it. The kids room you showed looks great!!

  5. My OCD just smiled. Books on the shelves with titles facing OUT. Yes. That is bliss to me as well!

  6. I'm mother to a gaggle and had lots of kidlets in day care over the years. Someone once came to my house while things were topsy turvey. As I apologized profusely,this lady told me a messy house was a happy house. I know that's a hard one to swallow, but you just have to keep telling yourself that kids aren't having fun if they aren't making messes!

  7. I wish I could even have a moment to capture a picture of cleanliness. My toddler literally walks behind me and pulls out toys as I'm putting others away. It's almost funny. Almost.

  8. That bedroom looks just lovely. I try very hard to keep my boys' room a tidy, peaceful retreat for them, but it's normally a complete disaster of wooden blocks, dinky cars, books, and Thomas trains. They like to throw their bedding on the floor, too. Part of the problem though, is that I need to get more furniture to store everything. I love that pretty little wooden shelf you have there, with the old rocking chair next to it! So sweet...

    Your own artwork is a wonderful addition as well. Too bad my mom never kept any of my artwork, or I would love to do that. Jasper really has a thing for horses, and I used to draw them by the loadful. Although, I guess I could draw him a picture now, too! :)


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