Thursday, September 15, 2011

Her Apple Trees

With two little helpers, and a feline supervisor, I was able to gather a few baskets of our "wild" apples, which have been turned into the loveliest pink applesauce. Today we'll collect the windfall and drive some boxes over to our neighbour's horses. I'm thinking some little jars of apple jelly would be a sweet addition to our Christmas baskets, and perhaps I'll make some pie filling to freeze.

Walking out my door with a basket over my arm, across the grass to the apple-laden tree, calls to mind the woman who planted them long ago. I don't preserve them out of necessity, but feel somehow that I am honouring her, by ensuring that this local, organic food source does not go to waste. I hear her whisper through my children's hair as we gather. I am grateful to her.


  1. I wish I could gather wild apples. All the orchards here are disappearing and turning into businesses and other developments. ):

    p.s. Your pixies are so cute! And the cat too. (:

  2. I have a tree full of Golden Russetts! They aren't pretty but I am going to see if they will make some nice applesauce or pie filling. The photos are GORGEOUS. M looks like she could have in a photograph from 100 years ago- but in b and w, of course. Love the baskets on the porch. I need to move in with you!

  3. We just harvested our apples too. Not that we get many, but we did get FAR more this year than ever before. And the horses are thrilled to get the damaged windfall.

    Stephanie, these photos are wonderful! I love, love, love the one of M with the two baskets. And Miss V's dress is divine. Such colours!

  4. I want to move in. Your pictures are delicious!

  5. We have two large trees on our property that produced the most beautiful apples this year! I'm sure that we have harvested at least 3 bushels and there is probably another two left on each tree. They are large and juicy. I am very happy and very impressed as they were very brown and bruised last year. We intend to use an old fashioned cider press this weekend to turn them into cider. We have no more room left in our freezer for apple sauce, and one can only eat SO many apple pies...I have contemplated apple bread, baked apples, and a few other interesting but tasty recipes - but the apples just keep coming. I hate to waste them and really could use a few of WSW's horses to apple cider we will be making, and soon enjoying!


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