Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Long, Farewell...

"I don't have time to (enter activity of choice)".

Exercise. Cook healthy meals. Play with my kids. Paint my bedroom. Put in a garden.

What? When did this happen? I LOVE these activities. Or at least, I used to, before blogging and commenting on the blogs of others gobbled up some of the most precious commodity in every mother's life: my time.

I need to centre in on my real life for awhile. I came to this conclusion last August when I wrote this post. I was inspired by the brave decision of my friends at Twig and Toadstool to step away from a space they'd nurtured and loved when it became clear that their real lives were suffering. Remember "Childhood Magic" and how shocked we all were when she closed her wonderful blog? I wonder how she's enjoying her life and time these days...I imagine she LOVES it. Nicole at Frontier Dreams wrote about this very busy-ness today. I have also been deeply touched by this heartbreakingly honest post over at Apples With Honey.

I feel myself floating away from the mother I want to be. I want to be engaged. I want to be in the moment. I want to breathe through those moments (and there are many) of impatience and anger. I want to sit and have a tea party with my daughters for hours if they so wish it, without glancing away in distraction. I want to build Lego robots with my son.

I love that feeling of flipping the page of a calendar and seeing that the coming month is mostly blank. You can choose to fill up every square, or make a solemn promise to carefully consider your yeses for the month.

After a month of birthday craziness, I flipped the calendar to June.

Case conference. Stag and Doe. Stag party. Shopping for weddings. Wedding rehearsals. Friend's wedding. Brother's wedding. Birthdays. Class trip. Kindergarten graduation. Grade 8 Graduation. Report cards due. School Fun Night. Assemblies. Gigs. Doctor appointment. Anniversaries. Data due.

Oh. My. Goodness.

How can we possibly have writing on 26 of the 30 days in what is already a busy month in the home of two educators?

So. I'm taking the phone of the hook, so to speak.
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July is looking good. Two music gigs. One bellydancing gig. Kittens due. A birthday and an anniversary.

Bring on July.

(*haha...I had to take a deep breath before I hit "publish post"...but as with any great leap, I know the fear will soon be replaced with relief that I just did it...there). Phew.


  1. You'll be missed! But it's totally understandable. Many people seem to be taking a step back lately. Best wishes to you and yours. (:

  2. Oh no! We'll certainly miss you! If your readers get bored they can come visit me....and my rockin' giveaway! Pardon the plug for my own writings :) but I know they'll return to you as soon as you're back. Have a fun filled June!

    Stephanie :)

  3. I'll miss your post, but I understand why you have to quite... I hope to heard from you soon!!

  4. You will be missed and you will return again when you are ready to. Enjoy your time off.

  5. I'll miss our e-visits, but am deeply pleased that it is because you will be absorbed and fully present in your real life. A blessed life.

    Yes, bring on summer. And beach trips, where you have tea parties and lego building festivals. Or something like that.


  6. Well, you will be missed, but I can so relate. Funny thing is, the calender is usually pretty open, it's homelife that keeps me hoppin'. I think just the same thing, I want nothing more than to just *enjoy* my kids, play with them, spend a whole day running around outside with them, not outside but knee deep in weeds and manure. Something has got to give!

  7. oh boy - I am new to this site and will be missing you indeed. But do I know what you're saying! I've had the same thoughts about blogging - being a mom and farmer are so very REAL - and I've always said writing about farming is like talking about dancing... Catch the wave of your life but please do come back if you feel the urge to wrap it up with a bow in writing! Sometimes blogging can replenish you too - but not too too much of it. Over and out for now!

  8. I sure do understand. There's just never enough time for a mom...I hope you have a fun June! :)


  9. Just got done catching up..... Enjoy your break & see you soon :)


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