Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's been awhile since I had a GratiTuesday post. But this morning I just feel it...the wonder of so many little blessings in my life.

Here's the list for today:
  • waking up in time to kiss my husband goodbye, heading out the door in a raincoat, always so gracious about having to get up every day when I get to stay home; the happiness on his face when I whispered, "I love you" from the top of the stairs
  • awakening to find that the light seeping through the curtain was definitely rainy-day light, and thinking of all that implies: rubber boots, puddles, blanket forts, and crafts
  • the kids sleeping in till 7:30, then snuggling in to bed with me, all vying to fit their head onto my breasts; warm skin, tousled heads, hoarse just-woke-up voices
  • Margot's early morning paint sessions...circles, circles, and more circles
  • always, always grateful for coffee in my favourite mug
  • the squishy sound of a toddler chewing a banana!
  • how Margot mixes up her consonants: chicken becomes "kitchen", kitchen becomes "chicken, cheek becomes "keech", chocolate become "cochic"...hm. She might only do this with words containing "c" and "ch" sounds...
  • the surprise of seeing my mother's face in my classroom yesterday; she came to Jude's kindergarten graduation unexpectedly!
  • the additional surprise of arriving home after 12+ hours at work to find that my house had been cleaned; I guessed that my fairy-godmother had left the graduation, then popped in to scrub the kitchen sinks and tidy up so that when I got home I could just SIT
  • the sexiness of my husband unstrapping my sexy Value Village shoes and rubbing my exhausted feet while we watched Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows AGAIN.
Quick, now: in your comment, list 5 off-the-top-of-your-head gratitudes on this Tuesday morning.


  1. - My boys, despite their squabbles, can all play together happily. Even if it is with plastic Star Wars toys.

    - My lovely husband made me coffee. As he does every week day morning. How would I survive without it (or him)?

    - Blogland. Goodness there are a lot of amazing people out there. Their kindness is inspiring.

    - Kitten kisses. Furry noses and tickling wiskers with a sweet meow.

    - Sweet baby cuddles. Sleepy eyed and warm from the rumpled sheets.

    - Your reminder to be grateful. Sometimes I need the proverbial kick in the pants. (:

  2. -the warm man I woke up beside
    - the hot shower that came on just by turning the tap - modern miracle!
    - the smell of coffee brewing as I stepped out of the shower
    - kissing my beautiful daughters awake and their arms around my neck
    - the rainy breeze and smell of the air as I left the house

  3. - morning snuggles with A. in bed
    - beautiful walk in the ravine with my dog
    - excitement about a birth today
    - yummy yogurt and granola I just gobbled down
    - the ability to work from home, in my pjs!

  4. -the little one asking if she could crawl into bed with me this morning

    -hazelnut cream coffee

    -a morning hug from my Mom

    -realizing a new blouse goes perfectly with an old cardi

    -three random compliments from three random strangers

  5. - my sweet, smiling children's faces giving me bitter sweet good-bye kisses when I dropped them off at daycare

    - my solo, quiet 35 minute drive into work listening to a great audio book

    - the huge container of strawberries I am eating at my desk picked from the berry farm down the road

    - coffee with LOTS of cream

    -one day closer to my husband's arrival home from Afghanistan

  6. 1. School is almost out for summer.
    2. Soon I will be able to do my own thing for 2 whole months.
    3. My students.
    4. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk in coffee.
    5. The health of my family.

    And those are very sexy shoes!

  7. 1. early morning thunderstorms, i love them.
    2. hot coffee in my mug.
    3. memories.
    4. being able to salvage my fav pair of pants with some thread and a patch.
    5. feeling so lucky to look out my window and have one of the prettiest views ever.

  8. 1. My partner coming back in the room to kiss me before he leaves for his long work day...
    2. Our senior cat talking to me while I get ready for my short work day...
    3. The classic rock clannel coming in abnormally crystal clear on my commute...
    4. My co-workers and our comfort level
    5. The sun coming out to shine just as my work day is done...
    6. (an extra) a woman my age smiling a true smile at me in a store for no apparent reason (this is something I am usually apt to do 'just cause', but was nice to have it happen to me :)

    p.s. sweet shoes & husband for taking them off, and taking care of your tender tootsies!

  9. - gazing in at sleeping children in their beds, in various pairings
    - gazing out at chickens in the yard
    - breathing in the scent of wet earth
    - the growing garden
    - not having to water the garden because of the rain

  10. wednesday now - but still:
    1. my new (to me) laptop after a month with a crashing/broken beast.
    2. my 40 chicks who now live outside and are faring the 'cold' June nights okay
    3. the smell of my little boys head, the feel of his soft cheek on mine
    4. the arms of my little girl wrapped around me after she gets in her pjs and has brushed her teeth.
    5. the knitty gritty homestead still writing her blog this summer

  11. Well, this Thursday morning I am feeling grateful for:
    1) Time for some breathing and stretching upon waking this morning
    2) Sunshine and Robin song fluttering in the bedroom window first thing
    3) Coffee in my mug too!
    4) The view out my window
    5) Time to watch Persuasion on DVD last night
    6) Beach day with friends this afternoon (I couldn't stop at 5 since 6 is my favourite number) ;-)

  12. This utility sink is very close to the dimensions you listed and is inexpensive for a stainless steel sink. I like the backsplash because it will keep the wall behind the sink clean.

  13. Hey...I think that Montanna comment is my first spam! I didn't mention dimensions for a sink. What do I do to prevent this...anyone?? I'm afraid to click on the utility sink link...


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