Thursday, June 2, 2011

Farm Friday: The Pirate Ship

Some kids live in cities or suburbs and attend classes, lessons, courses, and tutorials of all sorts.

Such things are not inaccessible to country kids, but it's a little harder when you have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest "big town".

Nah, country kids are lacking in opportunities. Life on a farm is boring.

Oh, except for the pirate ships.

I can take no credit for this construction; somehow, my husband conjured it out of some old 4x4s, logs, planks, and a tall post that was already in the ground, without my noticing (until it was done).

A bicycle wheel became the steering wheel (I know there's a technical term for that but, not being a mariner, I wouldn't know it). Old ropes serve as rigging, and that old windsurfer sail that's been kicking around for years? Just the right touch for this seaworthy craft.

Jude declares himself the Captain, and finds lots to occupy his imagination in this pile of boards.

This piece from an old bamboo windchime is the ho! Check out that piratey stance (and that ever-fashionable pj pants and rubber boots ensemble!)

Grace O'Malley, the Irish pirate queen, drops anchor, then gets ready to hop in a rowboat to head to a nearby island, seeking treasure.

And the ever-present, pantless Cabin Girl practises her "Yarrrrr!"

My husband is a creative guy. He fixes things around the farm in his own quirky way. He sees purpose in items that others would write off as junk. I spend a day with the kids, and feel frustrated at how little I get done. He spends a day with the kids, and creates a Pirate Ship. God, I love that man.


  1. I love it!!! Oh we need a pirate ship!

  2. I want a pirate ship! How creative!

  3. Oh! And I emailed blogger...if you are still having issues commenting and such, log out of your account. Then log back in a and make sure you UNCHECK the "remember me" box. It worked for me. If it doesn't for you, they give me some other tips to try. Email me if you need them :)

  4. That is wonderful! - yes it is a pity that country children don't get the same opportunities as city dwellers! ;)
    Re commenting. i was having issues too, but changed my comment form to a pop up window instead of embedded. Apparently it works both ways.
    Lovely blog - found you via Cargillwitch. x

  5. Wonderful! We shall have to build one of these when we move out to our KY property...where's my sketchbook...I need to start planning NOW!

  6. Thats fantastic!!( I truly grieve for your poor deprived children- whatever will become of them?)

  7. It worked! It worked! Thank you, Stephanies!

    Okay, what I tried to say last night:

    Best pirate ship EVER! And such a wonderful tribute to repurposing. And to a loving creative dad. And to loving your man. Beautiful.

  8. Ditto what W-S Wanderings said.
    Kisses to the Captain, Grace O'Malley and the pantless Cabin Girl!!

  9. How fun! There isn't much better than something made with "nothing" - especially when it is something that provides hours (years, probably) of fun and imaginary play (in pj pants no less!). Love it. What a treasure your husband is too.

  10. I love it! Brings back memories of my own childhood. We had an old leaky rowboat that was plopped down in the yard. Many an excursion was taken in that old thing. We also had an old timber from the original homestead, had to be 24"x24" inches, sticking out of the ground at about a 30 degree angle. When we were playing "horses" this was the clifftop that the stalion would keep watch from. What wonderful memories are conjured up from our days playing on the "old junk".

  11. Oh my gosh. I want to come and play at your house! Amazing...

    I lived in the city as a child and my fondest memories are not of the city, but the times that we left to go to our cottage in Huntsville area. It took me away from everything....

    There are many times during the day that a smell will capture me and bring back a flood of memories from that time. Last night, it was the cool damp summer air, along with the fading summer sun - and the sweet smell of the forest that reminded me of the many nights we would spend by the camp-fire...marshmallows, smores, stories, laughter, song, solitude, the mesmorizing light and warmth of the fire...

  12. OH MAN! My kids can't see this, they'll need one. I love it, it's great.


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