Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Kind and Generous

I'd have to say that the best thing about blogging is the connections you make with complete strangers. A random comment that touches someone's soul, that inspires them to send you a personal email, that results in a back and forth of love and encouragement. There are women out there I've never met, who have sent me words of kindness when I am troubled; to whom I've sent birthday crowns for her children when the task overwhelmed them; who randomly chose me to win a giveaway and added some little extras to the gift; who asked me to take their child's Flat Stanley for a tour of my village.

Daily, I am amazed at and so grateful for the random acts of kindness of these strangers.

I received a parcel in the mail yesterday from Kendra from By Hand at Home. She'd read on my blog that I was attempting to crochet 17 of her beautiful wool nests as a party favour for my sister. She added a few nests to my efforts, beautifully hand crafted, and also included some strips of lovely wool.

Nestled into the box of woolly goodness was a camera.


It was an extra she had lying around. You who follow this space know the Camera Saga. You know how I've been budgeting and trying to figure out a way to save up for a new camera, when money is already tight. You know how much this random act of kindness means to me.

I am just so touched by this woman's kindness and generosity, and for all the friends I've made just because I started a blog a year ago. I have this fantasy:

A large group of women, all ages and stages of life, all sizes and shapes and colours, wander the lawns of the Knitty Gritty Homestead. Delicious, homemade food, generous quantities of wine/martinis/beer/organic juice, and craft goodness abound. This is a gathering of bloggers, women of talent and vision, women who mother and work, write and take photos, cook and craft and blog about it all. They are united in their mission to share their ideas, talents, weaknesses, triumphs and downfalls with the world and with each other. There is lots of laughter, tears, and hugs of solidarity and support.

Wanna come?

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  1. Oh my - that sounds like a lovely gathering! And what a kind gift from Kendra :)
    Small acts can mean so much, it warms my heart reading this kind of post!

  2. WooHoo! What an incredible gift. An expansive gift. Because now we can ALL enjoy your photos and accompanying words. WooHoo!

    And cheers to solidarity...

  3. I am SO there!! Shall I bring some wine?? So happy you finally got a camera. I too am so blessed to have "met" such great women through blogging, including you. I hope this get together really does happen someday!!

    Stephanie :0)

  4. Oh that's so touching that I have goose bumps. We all know how much your photos mean to you, and I'm so glad you'll be able to get back at it! And yes, I'd love to come to you party ;)

  5. What a lovely gift and story. I think that sounds like a great party!

  6. Count me in! I'm finding -- and looking for -- the same type of connections.

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  7. I love hearing about such kind acts :)

  8. we all need community- isn't is wonderful that technology makes it easier for us to cast that " net" farther to find it?
    The world despite all the network news constant barage is filled with wonderful people :)

  9. Wonderful! Get back to capturing those special moments!

    PS...sounds like a grand party.

  10. What a lovely post-from the top to the end. Your karma has spoken.... Wonderfully reaffirming when that happens; looking forward to the pictures you have inside you.

  11. This blogging community has added a brightness to my day that I never used to have! I am so happy to have discovered this world. Very excited that you've got a camera, and would definitely join you in a big knitty gritty party!!

  12. What about faithful followers who don't actually blog? I could help with the cooking!!
    teehee...just kidding. sounds like it would be a wonderful event!
    Congrats on receiving such a lovely gift. I am so happy for you.

  13. I share your sentiments exactly. I have been so thrilled with all the new like-minded friends my blog has brought my way. It was an unexpected blessing.


  14. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! i would love to come play. online til then. ; )

  15. Oh yes, I totally agree with cargillwitch, it's ALL about a community of women supporting each other. Us old gals (mothers and grannies) have wisdom we need to pass along, and the young gals need to remind us of how much fun life is and to just give'er. (I guess that gives away the fact that I'm a Valley gal eh?)
    I LOVE reading your blogs! If they had been around when I was a struggling young mother and crafter, I wouldn't have been so isolated during the hard years.

  16. Oh, what a sweet blessing! I, also, have been so amazingly blessed by blog readers.
    And I have thought the same thing about actually meeting some of you beautiful women, in person.

  17. I love reading your posts. In fact it's the first thing I check after getting the kids off to school. You have a special gift in making us all feel as if we're part of something bigger! What a thoughtful, lovely gift from Kendra!! Have fun with your photos.
    p.s. the party sounds divine :)

  18. I is a wonderful community. It has become an important part of my daily routine - to check in and see what is going on in everyone's world.
    I would happily join in a gathering....what can I bring?

  19. Sounds just like what we need! I'll help organize!!!
    xoxo maureen

  20. What a truly kind and generous lady! Let's have a party...this summer perhaps? I hope Margot is feeling a bit better!

  21. yipeeeee! Glad you got a camera to help keep your blog-o graphs going too!

  22. It is amazing to think about all of the amazing people we have met just because of our love of fiber arts, blogging and that crazy invention of the internet. I have to admit, 15 years ago I met my husband of 13 years because of AOL. Isn't that funny? He was just getting out of the Air Force and I was graduating from college and we found ourselves in a chat room talking and before long he returned home to Michigan and we were dating. With blogging, we share with people aspects of our lives that allow them to know us (sometimes better than people we see locally and socially). Never under-estimate the power of the written word.

    I'm glad that we have gotten to know each other...even if it's only through Blogger.


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