Saturday, April 2, 2011

Post Nubia Sol

Years ago, I miscarried our first (unexpected) pregnancy. Not long after, my father-in-law reminded me of his family's motto: Post Nubia Sol, which translates as "After the rain, sunshine". It was a  in acknowledgement of the tears we'd shed for that first unknown babe, and the hope we held for future children. Sure enough, a mere few months later, I learned I was again expecting! Jude was born before our first anniversary.

One by one, our children were awakened this morning by the early April sunshine. One by one, they opened our door and crept into our bed, each in a favourite spot, nestling their cold feet against our legs and snuggling into the safe haven of their parents' embrace.

I thought of this motto, and of all your kind words, and felt blessed in spite of the trying week we had.

When my husband and I reach our golden years, we will remember not the trials and stresses of day to day life as parents of small children.

We will instead smile fondly at the memory of the sound of their small feet crossing the hall, the tentative peek through the door, the run and the leap into the warm nest of our bed, and the knowledge that this, this little family, is all we really need.


  1. Beautiful rich words that made me smile. Thank you. Our little families are truly gifts to be appreciated. xo S.

  2. It is, dare I say impossible to remember that when in the thick of it. But it is the truth...that is the beauty of it.


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