Monday, April 18, 2011


My mother is a go-big-or-go-home kind of gal, and has always been. Our childhood home was always festooned with hearts, shamrocks, eggs, spiderwebs, and pine boughs at the appropriate holiday. When  you step on her front porch, you know what special event is approaching. She continues to add her talent and eye for beauty to her home although her kids are grown...the grandchildren might drop by, after all! My dad teases her about her holiday Rubbermaids, but we all so appreciate the warmth and artistry of her home.

She is modest about this flair for creating tastefully festive beauty in her home, so today I want to share some of her Easter decorations with you. When I started walking around her house taking pictures, she laughed with surprise at how many eggs she had lying casually around...

 in bowls,

 on her porch,

 and front door,

 on top of her cabinet,

 on this leaf-shaped plate,

 and around her candles.

I couldn't resist adding these little sock-yarn "Easter eggs" that were sitting on her coffee table! Festive, indeed!

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  1. Especially like the leaf plate’s egg assortment; they look Russian to me. Your mom creates a lovely home.

  2. This is lovely!! Your photos of the eggs are beautiful! Yes, that mother of ours is talented indeed. I didn't get those genes unfortunately.

  3. I get my seasonal decorating flair from my mom, too! I looooove the leaf-shaped plate. Be still my beating heart!

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  4. Sounds like the grandchildren aren't the only ones appreciating her talents. The eggs are beautiful.


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