Friday, December 20, 2013

wintry things

Today is a day for all things wintry.

It's snowing steadily, and after finally getting everyone dressed and out the door, I reflected upon the word trudge. I expect it was invented specifically to describe the way in which a four-year-old makes her way through deep snow. 

I also reflected on the full sensory experience of playing in the snow. Burying each other, scooping it out of the back of your collar, eating it, making angels in it, feeling it melt on your face, listening to the quiet sprinkle as it falls all around, and that wintry smell of almost nothing but cold and white, which aren't really smells at all, but there you go. Wintry.

We've slapped some gluten-free graham crackers together into small gingerbread houses, which was really just an excuse to eat a whole lot of candy before lunch. Jude, clever soul, filled his house with candy before he put the roof on. 

There are requests to string popcorn for the Christmas tree, and hopes that I will actually sit and watch a movie with them (instead of running around trying to tidy up and make dinner). Maybe we'll just have popcorn for dinner. Or maybe I'll order pizza.

After five weeks of the dizzy dance of full-time work and a week-long illness that sent us to the hospital with Norah twice, kept Violet out of school for four days, and put Daddy out of commission for awhile, the holidays have begun.


  1. Have a wonderful time - be well and sit down once in a while xxx

  2. As much as I dread the unpredictable weather this time of year and moreso having to drive in it, I DO love our rural, Ontario winter and this post makes it sound magical!

  3. Children really make winter look fun don't they? I think I'm going to take a page out of their books and go play in the snow today!! xo

  4. And God bless everyone.We went carolling the other night and the only thing the boys did was roll in the snow and they were totally covered . .winter really is fun when you a child.Maybe we should do more of that!!!

  5. Love that pattern you are knitting, what is it?

  6. Love that pattern you are knitting, what is it?

  7. It's the Navajo Cardigan from Paton's "Anti Freeze" booklet. Paton's Classic Wool Roving, knits up quickly!

  8. Wintry yet so very warm. Beautiful.

    Peace and light...


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