Sunday, December 29, 2013

the days between


I love these days between Christmas and New Year's. The buildup to the big day has dozed off into a quietish lull (because, let's be honest, things are never quiet with four children in the house), and we can really settle in to enjoying the company of family.
We spent a few days at my parents' home, the house I grew up in, where we gamboled with cousins, had a Christmas concert where all the children performed a song or two, opened and assembled presents, ate many sweets, consumed much wine and rich food, and had our traditional games of cards which involve much good-natured cursing and competition between my sisters and I and our husbands.
The baby watched joyfully as her siblings built a snow person, then splashed in the sink that once bathed her uncle, cousins, and siblings.
These days between allow us a bit of rest before we ring in the New Year, after which we will be fully committed to napping, cuddling, playing in the snow, and watching children's movies before heading back to school.


  1. Ahhh, the joy of quietish lulls! Such wonderful serene moments. The girls' dresses, are they Grandma-made? They're beautiful - the children (all of the them) and the dresses. I'm astounded with how quickly your children are growing!

  2. So great that you all hang out together at your folks' place.
    Wishing you more days of quietish pursuits.


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