Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Just One Year

Dearest Norah,

In just one year, you've taught me to surrender, slow down, really see and feel each moment for the fleeting beauty that it is. You've taught me that spinning, knitting, reading, and time to myself are lovely, yes, but not vital at this moment. You've taught me to sit on the floor and play and to ignore the housework.

You've learned to sit up, then crawl, then walk, all in one short year!

You've sprouted three teeth in a many weeks, and have three more working their way through. Your little body has fought colds, and now you're getting over a doozy: a whole week of fever and coughing. 

You've had two trips to the emergency room, once when you were two weeks old because you had a weird cyst in your armpit, and once this week because I was so worried about your ongoing fever.

You love to kiss and bonk foreheads with your siblings. Balloons make you laugh. You love to pet the ponies and cats. You act bashful by shrugging up your shoulder and turning your face into my chest when a stranger talks to you.

You love yogurt and scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, peas, water, and ground beef. You hate cow's milk.

Your face lights up when your siblings come home from school or come down the stairs in the morning. You are held by many arms, kissed by many people, and have brought so much more joy into our family than we could have imagined when I found out I was expecting you back in April 2012.

In just one year, you have established yourself as the sweetest, most easy going girl. You've deprived me of a year's worth of sleep, nursed for a year (so far), and woken up every morning for 365 days to the loving faces of your family.

You pinch our arms and necks as you fall asleep, leaving tiny bruises. I miss seeing those bruises on my arms, now that I'm back at work.

You toddle towards me when I come in the door each evening, with your wee arms stretched up to surround my neck. I crave the softness of your hair against my cheek, your kisses where you lean softly forehead and close your eyes for the gentlest of embraces, and kissing your beautiful, beautiful face.  Your deep brown eye, impossible eyelashes, and wide, squishy mouth inspire poetry in my heart when we're apart. I miss you all day and cherish your warmth all night.

Norah Dell, I love you, and wish you all the joys the world can offer as you set off into the world of one.



  1. She has been a joy to watch grow in tandem with the little guy I look after who just turned one as well. Her radiance and the joy she exudes entrance all who meet her. Bless her and her loving family as she embarks on the newest adventure.

  2. She is beautiful as is your post :o)

  3. Such a beautiful birthday post to such a sweet little girl , the fever must have been so worrisome .

  4. Hard to believe it is a whole year!! I owe Miss Norah Dell an album which I am aware of. It will come when she is 13 months old instead of 12 months old. So glad you were born!!

  5. The last babe is special for so many reasons. Happy Happy Birthday to Miss Norah

  6. Couldn't have said it better myself! Can't wait for those moments I arrive home and see her toddling towards the door. She is just so precious!!

  7. Happy happy birthday to a darling wee baby girl whom I get to sniff nearly every day, love nanny

  8. Awwwwww! Bless her and your sweet family.

  9. Such a beautiful and loving post. I love that baby girl, too, and I miss her all the time. What a treasure this will be for her to read one day!


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