Monday, March 25, 2013

wee warriors

As an act of crafty rebellion, I try to make most of the gifts our family gives (especially to children) by hand. This becomes more challenging as my children get older, but sometimes inspiration strikes. I'd seen these little guys all over the internet, and when Jude received one as a gift (thanks, Peggy!), he wanted a whole team of them.

But first, I made some for his friend's birthday:

Their little box was made from a small cardboard box I found in the recycling bin. I cut it down to size, covered it all in masking tape, painted it with acrylic craft paint, then used Mod Podge to cover it again with rice paper. I found some Japanese characters online to decorate it with gold paint.

Small, simple, and sweet, for a trio of deadly fighting machines, non?


  1. Those are fantastic! When my children were wee they were all obsessed with making any items into "people" be they clothes pins,paper clips etc. My son would have loved these as a birthday gift!

  2. Perfect! What kind of paint do you use for the peg people/creatures you create?

    1. I use craft paint (such as what you buy at Michael's, Walmart, or wherever). I used a liquid acrylic varnish, but it smeared the "permanent" pen I used to outline details on a recent creation which is rather upsetting! Will try spray-on varnish in the future!

  3. As soon as I saw these, I thought of Danny! He would have loved these as a kid. SO much fun.

  4. ooo, I just know that my son will want to make these. We just learned to make an origami box, so this IS a perfect gift! Thank you for that. I practically gave up on making gifts for 9 year old boys. No I think I can squeeze out another year. CHeers.

  5. Awesome! And the box you crafted to go along with it? Brilliant.

    (And now Eldest Son is singing something or other about "inner ninjas".)


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