Monday, March 4, 2013

black-eyed fairy princess

On Friday we made pink cupcakes. She had to wear the dress her Nanny made for her because the cupcakes were special.

On Saturday, she wore the same dress, with wings. Their careworn appearance called to mind the poem I included in a thank-you card to her heart surgeons:

"A little weeping Fairy found
A patch of moonlight on the ground.
She knew it was the very thing
To mend the hole torn in her wing
She dried her eyes, picked up the patch,
And sewed it on - a splendid match".

This fairy princess sports a shiner sustained when her brother tipped the rocking chair over. I think it gives her an air of devil-may-care.

Then she decided she didn't want wings,

and in the next moment felt some spontaneous horse-love.

Tea cup in hand, she watched my face as I carried her cupcakes to her and I can say that that was the moment that I will cherish most. 

I do hope her wish comes true.


  1. O my God!Tears and laughter.I must fairy dust sew that wing

  2. She is absolutely darling. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true!

  3. Oh the face with the shiner! SWEET! The poem to the surgeon and your last caption just did me in. You are so right- that moment when they watch you carrying the cake/cupcakes all lit up and singing. JOY!! Margot Joy, indeed.

  4. Love this!!!! Oh that poem and that torn wing....perfect. I will never forget her little face as she watched you carrying her birthday cupcakes. It was glorious!

  5. She is one tough fairy! And so beautiful. I love that last photo - so carefully and determinedly blowing vitality into her wishes.

  6. I love both your postings on this little princess ~ she sounds like a lovely girl with great imagination and a little spunk. Your writing about your little one really rang clear to me and I found myself nodding along and smiling with each new sentence. Love that! I know a three year old boy just like that :) ~ thanks for sharing her special day(s) with us! ~ paula

  7. This post is so sweet and I absolutely love the poem with the picture of her with the hole in her wings. Truly perfect. Hope that her birthday was the happiest! Those cupcakes look absolutely delish!


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