Monday, September 17, 2012

A Party for Nanny

Every September, we celebrate the birth of my mother. It's often thrown together as a last minute celebration because of our busy back-to-school lives and my dad's hockey school that keeps him out every evening and weekend. This year, he had weekend afternoons off, so we gleefully planned to surprise mom with a small gathering of some of her children and grandchildren.

The table was a cacophony of theme here, but joy and anticipation! The kids gathered with balloons when we got the word that she'd arrived in the driveway (my sister having cleverly lured her away).
Surprise! I don't know who was more delighted: mom, or my kids!
A beautiful lemon cake creation (thanks to my sister Julie), some sweet gifts, and of course, some help to blow out the candles pulled it all together into a simple but lovely celebration of this beautiful, loving woman.

Happy Birthday, mom!

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  1. What a simple and yet special celebration we had! best part was the kids running in from the livingroom yelling "Surprise Nanny!!!! Happy Birfday!!" Great photos.


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