Friday, August 10, 2012

when daddy gets home

When Jude was first born, my husband found it challenging to feel really involved, as I was breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, and baby-whispering as a new mother does. I assured him that in a few years, Jude would run to the door to greet him at the end of the workday, happily calling, "Daddy!" Then he'd get his chance to really be Daddy.

A few years later, a few more children later, and my heart still lifts to hear this familiar ritual. Someone spots daddy's car coming up the laneway, and he is greeted at the door by little arms reaching up for hugs, overlapping voices telling of the adventures big and small that the day held for us, and questions about how his day was.

I am so very grateful for this steady, loving man coming through the door at the end of the day, sweaty and tired, but with just enough love and energy to show the kids his tools, give them a cuddle or a wrestle, read them a story, and embark on the evening dinner-baths-play-stories-snacks-teeth-bed adventure that marks the end of another day.


  1. Such a wonderful time of the day. My hubby was the same when our little man was born, it was definitely hard for him. I told him to be patient, and he was. Today they share a very special connection I am so very grateful for.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. One of my favourite moments of the day is to see M's face light up when she hears and then sees her daddy come home.

  3. A man with a tool there anything better!!? :)

  4. My husband travels a LOT for work and when he's not here I really miss the frenzied greetings he receives from our children each evening. He calls them and talks to him on the phone of course but it's just not the same. He arrives home today after a 12 day absence and we are ALL very excited to see him :)

  5. Oh, I relate to this so much! Daddy's daily homecoming is quite an event around here :)

  6. I never get to see this wonderful moment anymore as I am the one returning home from work latest. BUT I am the one who hears the "MOM!" calls as I open up the door.
    Best part of my day!


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