Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This is some fun stuff! It's a cross between disgusting and amazing that appeals to children of all ages, and it's so easy to make!
Put 2 cups warm water in a jar and add 1/8 cup of borax. Close the lid and shake till the borax dissolves.
While this solution cools, place 1 Tbsp. of white glue in a small sandwich bag (I did this, times three for my children). Add 3 Tbsp. water, and a few drops of liquid food colour if desired, and let your child gently squish the two together till they are well mixed.
Add 1 Tbsp. of the borax solution from the jar, and continue squishing gently. 
You've got slime!
This slime brought HOURS of play to our kitchen table. 

A warning: do NOT get it in your hair, on your rug or furniture, or allow your children to wrap it around their stuffed toys. 
Also, when you're ready to dispose of it, put it in the GARBAGE (NOT your kitchen sink).

For more amazing, easy, fun chemistry, see Cool Chemistry Concoctions: 50 Formulas that Fizz, Foam, Splatter, and Ooze by Joe Rhatigan and Veronika Alice Gunter.

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