Thursday, August 2, 2012

blessed rain

Renfrew County is now officially experiencing its worst drought in 120 years. Our CSA farmer put it best: no living farmer in our area has seen conditions this dire. In addition to the challenges presented by watering livestock and crops, we've seen barns blown down by fierce winds, and others burned down by the elements. Other farmer friends experienced their first rain storm last week, which turned into a hailstorm that destroyed many of their already-struggling crops. 

When the clouds gather, we feel hopeful. Often, we hear thunder in the distance, then the clouds sort of blow by without noticing our desperation.

But sometimes, the wind picks up a bit, and the thunder comes closer. The first drops start to fall, and we all run outside to feel the blessed rain on our faces.
Last night we were at my childhood home when the storm began. My girls ran out, stripped down, and shimmied around the outside edge of the porch to reach out to the downpour streaming off the roof.

They stuck their bums into the cold rain, and I had to laugh; my mom has pictures of me giggling and washing my hair under this same downpour when I was a child.
 We can almost hear the grass sighing as the rain comes down, and the flowers and trees seem to loll luxuriantly in her wet embrace. These small offerings of water, unfortunately, do not signal an end to the drought. It would take a month of daily, soft rain to repair the damage wrought by this summer's lack. 

We rejoice in every drop we get.


  1. The grass sighing. Oh, the grass. Next to nothing of it left here. The big storm washed the dead stuff into sad piles of dead stuff. But the hay is all in, and we have enough. BIG sigh of relief.

    Frolicking in the rain is the best! You've captured it well.

  2. my husband and I are becoming desparate. We have had under 2 inches of rain since June 01.We depend on our crops to feed our own animals and the sale of all the other crops on our 150 acres to keep us through the winter. I have given up attempting to irrigate the market garden- what survives I will sell. With no fruit as well in our area( too early a year and then a killing frost) the community here in Grey-Bruce will be deeply impacted.
    How oblivious we are to mositure until we have none.

  3. Love your post Stephanie! We to are so thankful for the rain we got this week and are hopeful for more. Great pictures of your kids enjoying the rain.

  4. It is so sad to hear about this horrible drought so many are expeiencing. i hope more rain is on its way. Your photos are adorable! It is so cool that your kids are able to be in your childhood home!!!

  5. So happy for your rain! My kids dance in it, too, whenever we have some.

  6. Yay for rain, we got some too the other night, but really not enough, a day or two of a nice steady rain would be so welcome right now.

  7. Is anyone else reading this blog finding it very slow to scroll and load? Steph- just wondering if it's something with blogspot? This is the only blog I am having trouble with so thought I would check...
    LOVE the downspout pics and I do remember you (and all of us) under that pouring water when we were kids!

  8. I'm almost certain it rained here WE night. I took the trash out early TH AM and noticed that the wood chips we spread for mulch were wet. We got super dark rain/thunderstorm clouds WE night, but by the time we'd gone to bed we had no rain and the storm had moved on past. So frustrating.

  9. I've been amazed that our veggie delivery still arrives each week. My garden is dust.


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