Friday, March 25, 2011

Something to Smile About

Cleaning The Spice Rack.
  • wiping down those greasy/dusty shelves
  • shining up the bottles
  • replenishing depleted spices
  • identifying unlabelled jars by scent alone
  • throwing out the ones that have lost their colour/scent
  • making of list of ones to replace
  • lining up the jars that match
  • thinking about the week's meals, and just what I'll put in them
  • marvelling at the wonderful flavours, colours, and aromas that grow on this good Earth!
Hope this weekend gives you lots to smile about!


  1. Yay, your blog is so inspirational.
    I'm very green in the kitchen and got some Spanish paprika for Christmas, any suggestions for use?

  2. I keep organizing husband keeps messing it up :)

    Stephanie :)

  3. Nice. Nice. Put some neatness in my mind today. Heaven knows, I needed it.

  4. Oh, I love the feeling after cleaning and organizing..
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  5. That is such a beautiful spice area...mine lacks sorely!


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