Monday, March 21, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of a Working Mother

If you read this post you'll recall the efforts I go to to ensure that we all get out the door in one piece on Monday mornings. Last night when we went to bed, lunches were made, clothes were laid out, and three pairs of rubber boots were lined up and ready for the little feet that would fill them in the morning.

Winter decided to have a last hurrah and the snow blowing outside this morning encouraged me to put my kids in their snowboots instead. We got out the laneway 45 minutes later than usual, after a harrowing search for Violet's snowboots. After a thirty minute drive, I pulled into town with ten minutes to spare. Margot complained that her tummy hurt. I said in a singsong voice, "We'll be there soon!"

Not soon enough, apparently. As I turned into the parking lot, Margot barfed. And then again. Jude stretched out of his seat to see (because what's more exciting than looking at barf, really?), I roared at him to sit down, and then my mind did that mother thing, where it fast-forwards through the issue at hand to all the reverberations, and simultaneously finds solutions with lightning speed and clarity.

I dropped Violet off, raced to school, got Jude into the classroom, made notes for the supply teacher, then realised that Robin wouldn't have space to bring both Jude and Violet home (as he drives three neighbour children to school every day). I picked up Violet, then arranged for a friend to pick Jude up after school. I've washed the barfy clothes, coat, and blankie, and fed them lunch.

Now Violet is complaining of a sore tummy.

Bowl at the ready, movie on, child wrapped in cosiest afghan on the couch, I am ready for Round 2.

Bring it on.


  1. Happy, non-barfing vibes coming your way!
    Happy spring. (she says in a tongue in cheek kind of way).

  2. Car barfs are the WORST. Wishing you all happier tummies soon!

    Stephanie :)

  3. God love you!
    I have been there and done that (although with two children, not three) and so remember your frustration.
    Hope everyone is feeling better and that the cuddles have helped YOU feel better, too.

  4. Winter showing me it's not spring here in New Hampshire either today! Just got through 2 harrowing weeks of back to back 5 day fever/flu/croup with my 2 kids. One sick the first week (plus me), second child the next. I'm convinced I'll never get fully caught up and have resigned myself to that very fact :-) Hope your house gets better soon - here's to more shoveling. - Erin

  5. Oh dear. I feel your pain. After almost a week home, getting the girls up was a challenge that involved some "heated" persuasion to get everyone dressed, the help of my mother in law for snacks and outerwear(after checking the weather). And I went to work an hour late. To a day of ridiculous planning. To come home 2 hrs late(where I found out my rental truck for tomorrow's shoot was NOT picked up as I was stepping off the train!), in time to get the girls out of the bath and have a 5 minute cuddle. And I get to start tomorrow morning at 6:30 at the office. Eternally thankful for Grandmothers, and husbands! Power to you and your planning( and disappearance of barf I hope!)

  6. Once I told my 5 year old on the way to school, as I was driving, to use his backpack. He unzipped it, dumped the contents on the floor of car and proceeded to "fill 'er up". So awful. If it wasn't a darn good lands end backpack I totally would have tossed it in the trash. Tummy bugs are the worst. Here's hoping everyone is well in your world very, very soon!

  7. ouch. hope your wee one feels better soon. good job on the mighty mommy response!
    lotsa love


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