Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Day

Mother Nature decided that I was not to attend Seedy Sunday today. The snow is so deep that a third of the farm gates are sunk in the white stuff. The van is stuck. The lane way has not been plowed.

When I look out the door on a day like this and ignore the hydro lines and road signs, I can imagine how this place might have looked 100 years ago, blanketed in a quiet cover of clean, beautiful snow. I think about how life just went on for our foremothers; they stoked up the fire, tended to the animals, and nestled in for another day of preparing meals and mending.

So, I am choosing to see this snow day as a gift.

I have extra time to create some order in this house, and prepare food for the upcoming busier-than-usual week. I can spend some quiet time with my girls (Jude's off down the lane way to be picked up for a birthday party). I can maybe snuggle on the couch for a moment with my man.

Maybe we'll go on a deep-snow adventure, or create something pretty. I am so thankful for this day of grace.


  1. I smiled this morning on the phone, when you called this "a day of grace" perfect, and well deserved! I'll have to take mine tomorrow!
    xo maureen

  2. Yes, it IS a gift! Truly, I was elated with the snowfall. There are scant weeks of winter left, and I WANT them to be winter proper. Spring will have her time, but for now, I will side with the wonder of winter.

    A day of grace. So lovely.

  3. I was amazed to see all that snow when I woke up on Sunday.
    It was fun shovelling and playing outside...until the plow went by!
    Glad you had a day of grace.


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