Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scenes from the Homestead

As part of our attempts to keep things a bit simpler this year, I've decorated minimally. I wouldn't say I'm a natural at Christmas decorating; my mother, and my friend Shanti, ARE...they artfully swag their windows with boughs, shelves drip greenery and berries in a seemingly effortless way; there is a perfect balance between natural and glittery decor. I LOVE the way this looks. I try it every year. And am always disappointed with the results. I am good at many things. Decorating is not one of them.

So, here are a few scenes from our home that give the message to all who visit: we're in the spirit!

Jupiter and Camino find the best bed in the house: under the tree!

 A quilt I handstitched years ago is repurposed as the perfect tree skirt!

I love simple window dressings, choosing bits of nature over curtains. Why block out that view of the duck/chicken house? This milkweed pod star fits perfectly within the circle of this berry wreath.

NOELves! I made these when I was a child and my mom recently passed them on to me. How simple, and sweet!

A birchbark star wreath, inspired by my friend Maureen.

A new ornament: a feather inside a glass tear, a gift from my sister Julie.

Last year's homemade stockings, one from vintage velvet and shell buttons, the other from a thrifted sweater and vintage buttons.

Sometimes in the whirlwind of Christmas preparations, it's good to remind yourself to KISS!*
*Keep It Simple, Stupid


  1. The whole keep it simple idea seems to be going around this year....I am joining in too. It is beautiful nonetheless.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Love those birch bark stars - what a beautiful idea. I also like to bring in nature's goodness to use as decorations. I much prefer it over anything store bought.

  3. My challenge is decorating a modern style of house in an old-fashioned, nature inspired manner.
    Now that the tree is up, my home feels decorated. Now, to clean up the containers from the balls, lights, etc to make room for some gifts. The work we do so we can rest! It's crazy! :)

  4. LOVE your scenes. That birch bark wreath is incredible. So cute!

  5. Our cat Figaro loves to sleep under the tree too. She'll even sit under there right after the tree comes home -dripping snow and everything.

  6. The blocks are so looks like a good idea for after the kiddos grow out of them.

  7. I LOVE the stocking made from a thrifted sweater. I really need to make new stockings for my children for next year--I need to remember to look out for sweaters that would work for that.


  8. I love the star wreath!

    It is the little things...and you have captured the spirit in all your photographs.

    Namaste, Nicole

  9. NOELves! They make my heart sing! The combination of the craft itself along with the word play just utterly charms me.

    Yes, you are wonderfully in the spirit!

    Blessings and light...


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