Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Parade of Lights

Not too far from here lies a little community called Wilno. It is known to be the first Polish settlement in Canada. It sits high in the Wilno Hills, overlooking Round Lake; at it's highest point sits St. Mary's Church, and at its lowest sits the Wilno Tavern, home of amazing Polish fare and Blues Night on Tuesdays. I admit, I wish I lived in Wilno. It's a neat little place! Although the population must sit at around 70 souls, the locals manage to concoct a beautiful Parade of Lights every Solstice evening.

The simplest and in my opinion, loveliest Christmas image: a man, a woman, and a donkey (mule).

Father Christmas rode in a canoe!

Jude and Violet jumped at the chance to ride in the canoe with Himself.

"Joseph and Mary"

Ritsuko is a Wilno resident, flower arranger, gardener and animal husband, and also happens to make the best sushi around!
After the parade, there were homemade cookies, beverages, and presents for all the little ones inside the rink, followed by skating outside.

Wilno is also home to what may be the best Christmas lights in the Valley!

The Christmas Spirit is alive and well in the Wilno Hills. Thanks to Sylvia and all the volunteers who made this such a lovely event! And happy belated Solstice to's to the return of light and hope in our lives.


  1. Oh My. I want to come next year for this. I LOVE the vision of Mary and Joseph. And Santa in his gorgeous garb, in a canoe! BEAUTIFUL. What a wonderful event. You live in a lovely community.

  2. I love Wilno! We've driven through there so many times, and I've always thought "what a neat little place to live." So beautiful, and so high up in the hills. That parade looks better than any I've ever seen before!

  3. What a sweet, simple thing to be part of.

  4. My favorite place in the whole world! Father Christmas in a canoe is just SO WILNO!


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