Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Moments

A few last shots from our dream weekend in a log cabin in the woods:

Margot, a book, and those luscious toddler-legs!

Like a wee acorn under an oak tree...Margot and her daddy.

Margot yet again, watching her siblings and cousins sliding outside.

Me, the voyeur, looking through the window at my brother and sister washing dishes!

And Margot (again!), helping Nanny wash the dishes.

A week has passed since that blissful Christmassy getaway, and we're already dreaming about next year!


  1. Perfect..... blessed to see brother and sister, too.

    Happy Holidays.

  2. Ahhhh, she is such a doll!!!! Cuteness to the max! Big hugs and kisses from us for you for Xmas. We wish we had just a smidgen of the snow you have up there (and I guess my wish will come true this weekend, haha... BIG snow is coming, apparently, although, this is Holland, so who knows what will happen...). Keep safe!


  3. I want to eat those toddler legs! YUM! Yes- I am still warm in the afterglow of that weekend and already thinking about next year, too.

  4. Whenever someone asks me about my most memorable Christmas, the one we spent with my in laws at a rental cottage always comes to mind. The whole extended family was there, we skated, went sliding and ate lots of great food. It was definitely THE best ever! (Presents? Can't remember a thing!)

  5. Margo is gorgeous! Dreaming about that log cabin too and wondering when and how I could make it happen. Thank you for making me dream :)

  6. A wee acorn under an oak tree - LOVE it!


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