Friday, October 22, 2010


Today I am packing up my guitar, my knitting, my journal, a good book, some food, and my sleeping bag and heading to an off-grid cabin for the weekend. Can you imagine how excited I am? The only jobs I'll have to do are keeping the woodstove going and feeding myself. I'll post next week with the details.

As I pack, Violet is crying because she wants medicine (she's been coping with a gastro bug since Wednesday, and yes, I am still going on my retreat). Jude just got new hockey equipment (his first ever!) and once he got his little jock and cup on, he went up to Violet and said "Hit me in my tentacles, Violet!"
Margot is saying "sheep, sheep, sheep" over and over.

Will I miss them? Yes. Enough to not go? No. Bye, ya'll. Have a good one.


  1. Good for you! I could never pull that off! Especially leaving a sick kid behind...Kudos to you! It sounds dreamy :)

  2. Violet will be fine and you will be so much better yourself, and as a mommy and wife upon your return. Fill up that ever-draining fuel tank, sister!
    I hope you have a restful, reflective, and warm weekend reconnecting with yourself.

  3. Sounds great! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Weren't you supposed to drive around the country and pick up the rest of us desperate Mom's first? ;) Have a wonderful time recharging your mind, body and spirit. You totally deserve it!!

  5. Sounds great. I will email you my addy so you can pick me up. LOL

  6. how exciting and how well deserved!!! cherish the quiet moments!! xo

  7. not going to lie, I'm full of envy, have a relaxing, quiet weekend :)

  8. Oh, wow. What's it like to pack for just yourself? It must have been so quick, and lacking in the calculation of all probabilities (What if there is a leak-through diaper? What if someone throws up on themselves or their sibling? What if it's colder/hotter than expected? What if we forget to bring the snuggly bedtime toy, or forget to bring it back home? What if my brain explodes with trying to figure out all of this for everyone *else*, that by the time I get to packing my own bag I can only stare blankly at it?)

    Enjoy, my friend!

    Tentacles - hee hee!

  9. Oh you lucky Mama! Enjoy.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    Namaste, Nicole


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