Monday, October 18, 2010

Felt+Friends=Handmade Fun!

The fruits of my labour (ahem), plus a wee knitted pear I made last week.

My dear friend Maureen and I launched our first series of craft classes yesterday at our local art gallery! A group of 9 wonderful women gathered to learn to make fabulous felt fruits and vegetables. The group represented a wide range of sewing abilities, but all went home with a start to their own collection of felt food. The excitement and pride everyone felt at creating handmade gifts for their children was palpable, and Maureen and I are very much looking forward to our next three sessions: felt crowns and barrettes, tree blocks, and a gnome/nativity set. Space is limited; for full details, more photos and links, or to sign up for future classes, visit Maureen at Twig and Toadstool!

We needle-felted green roving to fill this pod with peas!

I'm rather fond of this pear creation.

Can you spot the handmades? They're hard to distinguish from fresh!

Now is the time to start thinking about handmade gifts for Christmas. Some gifts we're planning to create here at the Homestead include this treehouse for Violet, and this marvellous set of Star Wars figures for Jude.We'll also be buying some handmades from other craftspeople, but I've declared this a no-Walmart-craptastic-present Christmas! Our kids are still at an age where just waking up to find a full stocking is enough to send them into near-paroxysms of delight, so we know whatever we pull off either with our own hands, or by supporting someone else's will thrill them.

We're not too strict with our families when it comes to the gifts they buy for our kids, but we do love when people ask us what they would like! Additions to our wooden train set, new books, costumes, art supplies, and outdoor activity-type gifts are always high on the list! Get creative when shopping for the little ones in your life this Christmas; don't resign yourself to buying cheap, easily-broken-and-hard-on-the-earth gifts just because you're not crafty. One of our favourite places to shop for beautiful gifts that will last a lifetime and beyond is Natural Pod, located in British Columbia. We also love the handmade wooden toys at The Wood Garden, located in Southern Ontario. As we work our way towards Christmas, I'll continue to post links to my favourite places!

Tell me, do you have any plans for handmade Christmas gifts this year?


  1. OOO, come to Ottawa and do a course here! I wish I were slightly more crafty so that I could make some gifts, but I'll just resign myself to buying other people's handmade goodies :o)

  2. Such charming fruit! My fave is the mushroom. When toys are to be purchased, Natural Pod is a favourite "go to" e-location at our home too :-)

  3. Our long-range plans include venturing out of the valley to do classes in watch this space!

  4. Aw, that was sweet of you to mention our toy shop, Stephanie. Thanks! :)

    Those felt veggies are so adorable. I wish I was close enough to attend your class.

    Oh, and I saw those Star Wars figures a few days ago too--aren't they just fabulous! So creative...I love the block of carbonite made out of a Jenga block!

    Laura @ Getting There

  5. the felt fruit are fabulous and the star wars toys??? wow!! I might just need to pull that off for the four year old boy in our house!

  6. oh I so wish I could attend the classes... hopefully next year!!! these are so sweet! xo


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