Monday, June 10, 2013

Frida Kahlo, a peg doll

Last week I fell in love with Frida Kahlo all over again, after seeing a peg doll rendition of the artist. I started thinking about the kinds of women I want my children to know about, and started a list. Then, as my mind tends to do, I wandered into wondering about what kinds of role-model dolls I could create. 
In some ways, Frida is easy to capture: she has been described as being "militantly feminine" in her dress, all flouncy skirts, peasant blouses, lace, flowers, earrings, braids, lipstick, and shawls. But the power in her gaze and the defiance of those marvelous eyebrows turn the idea of femininity on its ass.

I got to work on Frida right away, and as I've worked with my daughters watching the progress over my shoulder, I've told them all about her. How she was a woman ahead of her time. How she struggled through physical pain and created beauty out of the stories of her life. How she was politically active and a complete original.
My children will know who Frida Kahlo was. This doll is delectable, I tell you. Her shawl is made of silk yarn, and her little flowered headband is so tiny and detailed (sewn from wool felt). I feel as if I've done the artist justice, capturing her level gaze, fierce and forward-looking in spite of adversity. I almost thought of offering her as a giveaway, but I simply can't. If you'd like a chance to win one like her, let me know in the comments and I'll get right to work.

Amelia Earhart is next on my list!


  1. So Fantastic!! I would love to win one. Growing up in the Southwest of US Frida was always around. I adore the color she used in her paintings.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. You are *rocking* these peg dolls.
    You've also inspired me to learn more about Frida. (:

  3. First of all, your new banner photo had me covered in drool for that baby! Second of all, you have very lucky daughters. What a great MOM!
    Thirdly, Frida is gorgeous. After Amelia, who else?

    1. Jane Goodall. Florence Nightingale. Roberta Bondar. Venus Williams. Princess Diana (in her humanitarian garb). Eleanor Roosevelt. Buffy Ste. Marie. Joni Mitchell!

  4. Oh My goodness Stephanie, you've outdone yourself. Totally captures her spirit. well done!

  5. I love Frida!!! Your doll is gorgeous!! We were lucky enough to see her exhibit in San Francisco a few years ago! It was amazing!
    have a great week

  6. LOVE IT!! What lucky kiddies you have. I would love to win one! Being a nurse I am curious to see your rendition of Florence Nightingale :) BTW - your header is too sweet for words...such smoochable lips!


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