Monday, December 3, 2012

Fabric Blocks and Mermaidens

The handmaking has begun! 

I can never resist making gifts, especially for the little ones in our lives. I have a niece who turns nine this month, and also two new nieces, both nine months old; creating their first handmade Christmas gifts has been delightful!

The Mermaiden's are from Wee Wonderfuls by the whimsical Hilary Lang. I made one ugly quirky prototype, trimmed a few lumps and bumps from the pattern, and ended up with the pink-haired version. Their bodies are made from white cotton flannel, perfect for wee hands to grasp and love!

The blocks are FUN to make (especially when you enlist your husband to stuff them while you hand sew the openings!) and I expect they'll bring lots of tossing and stacking delight. I hope to make a set for our new babe as well, because I know my children will want there to be something under the tree for her!

I didn't use a pattern for the blocks; just cut squares with 5 or 6 inch sides; sew together into a cube, stuff, sew seam, and voila...handmade gifts for all the babies and toddlers you know!

Today, I'll be working with Violet to create her handmade gifts for her siblings, and tomorrow Margot will get her turn. After some "pre-labour" signs yesterday, some frantic arranging when we found out two of the midwives were away for the weekend and the one on call was trapped an hour away due to highway closures (freezing rain, car accidents), I'm relieved to get another day, or two, (or three?) to continue with our Christmas "elving"! 

Are you able to create any handmades this year? Tell me about it in your comment!


  1. Oh I love the blocks! I may have to add that to my list this year! So far I have finished one blanket and am a few days from finishing a second one, I made a handful of peg dolls, to play in the tree fort I purchased from Willodel, and am planning on making the littles a plush gnome doll. I could really use another month! I can't imagine trying to have a baby on top of a handmade holiday.

  2. I made it my goal to do all homemade this Christmas, which now that I have hit 35 weeks along seems like a foolishly optimistic goal.

    I have finished baby's coming home outfit and am down to one sleeve left on one son's sweater and two sleeves on the other son's. I still have numerous hats to finish and slippers for my husband.

    Hoping the baby holds off long enough I can finish all this, and hoping you get a couple more days for gift making too!

  3. Those blocks are such a simple but wonderful gift. We have a new baby girl and I'd love to make some for her if I could find the time. Right now my homemade gifts are all destined for her hands as well, a triangle knit ball, a little taggy blanket, and her quilt if I can manage to finish it. :)

  4. How exciting to be on the verge of snuggling your new babe in your arms. You are in my thoughts, my friend!

    And your handmade gifts are ADORABLE! There is just no way that either of those mermaidens started out as ugly. Not a chance! They are darling. And I love the fabrics in the blocks! My littles had some fabric blocks as babes and they *still* play with them.

  5. Sweet mermaidens! I'll have a 9 month babe at Christmastime, and you've inspired me.
    Best wishes for an uneventful labor!

  6. Love the mermaids! Sending you love for your upcoming labor and delivery!

  7. Haha! Those mermaids are great! I am making dolls for both my girls this year (one is named Violet by the way). Congratulations on the new little about to arrive!

  8. Congratulations on your baby and here's hoping you get enough time to finish your projects!! I just had a baby too (at home) if want to visit:

    Love your mermaids!

  9. Cute idea for those blocks! I should try to make some for the grands!

  10. Oooh! I love the Wee Wonderfuls! Those mermaids are darling. We are huge Wee Wonderful fans over here. What a neat elven crafty time. It makes me itch to make something! Prayers and hugs for a smooth delivery.


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